Viktor Krum, Harry Potter

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Dang, okay! Is that Justin Bobby from The Hills or Viktor Krum from The Goblet of Fire? We may never know. JK, it's Krum, and he's all grown up. It's been roughly 11 years since actor Stan Yanevski took Emma Watson aka Hermione to the Yule Ball. How could we forget that red suit x pink dress couples combo? So dashing, the both of them. Prom goals. As you can see from the snaps, Stan's shaved head look was left back at Hogwarts, and Instagram is pretty into it. In its place are some deep, long locks and a ton of hardcore tats. Did we mention those muscles? Did we even need to? Get it, Krum!

#longhair #bearded #tattoo #tattoos #gold #bull #hot #sexy #eyes #dark

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His Instagram account, which has since gone viral, has commenters leaving such gems as, "DAMN VIKTOR KRUM. YOU CAN M----- MY ----Y ANYTIME." Yeah, um, that. Moving on.

From the looks of things, Stan seems to enjoy spending time with dogs, riding motorcycles, working out and wearing gold jewelry. While you're waiting for the three new Harry Potter books to come out in September, keep yourself busy with Stan's 'gram. He's got everything from shirtless pics (reading!) on the beach, food porn and so much more. A Harry Potter fantasy come true.

#newlook #tattooed #tattoo #bearded #longhair #change

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It's all in the eyes. #sun #tattoo #harrypotter #actor

A photo posted by Stan Yanevski (@stan_yanevski) on

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