Kim Kardashian Says She's Over Powder Contour—and Other Selfie Tips

Your selfie will never be the same

By Raleigh Burgan Aug 18, 2016 6:45 PMTags

Admit it: Your selfie could use a little help (case in point: the hundreds of outtakes on your camera roll).

If you're looking for advice, who better to consult than the queen herself? Yes, Kim Kardashian (#casual) recently schooled us in the art of the viral photo. Let's just say we're now a) selfie professionals and b) another member of the family (just call us The Kollective).

Whether it's actual suggestions you're looking for or you're just wondering what kind of contour she uses, it's all below. Enjoy.

What are your top three selfie-taking tips?
1. You need good lighting. Obviously.
2. Always take your selfie from above, angling down. I think there's nothing worse than when someone wants to take a selfie and they take it from the angle down below, you know, and get some double chin action.
3. Know your own angles. Know what your best angle is and go with that.

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What would you say is your best angle?
I would say chin down, and I like a side profile sometimes instead of a straight on shot. I do a little head tilt to the side.

What's your biggest selfie pet peeve?
There's nothing worse than a really bad selfie angle. I went to a restaurant the other day, and everyone was asking for a photo, but their angles were so bad. I just had to start taking their cameras and doing it myself, so I could get the right angle.

You just launched two new marble LuMee cases—what inspired the pattern?
I've always just thought it was super sleek and chic. My computer is marble, I have it in my home, in my bathroom, when I post product shots on my app, I always shoot them on marble, and when I post photo booth pictures from a party, I'll always put the actual photo on a piece of marble. I've just always loved marble, so I thought why not have a LuMee marble case in black and in white?

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Does the fam love the new colorways?
I got a few of them, the first samples, and my sisters took all of them. It's cute when they all want it, and that made me so happy. They're like my focus group—if they love it, I know it'll do well.

Have any makeup tips for LuMee users, so they get the best shot?
I talked about how I was "over" contour a while ago, for an interview with Vogue in the UK, and I think that's because I was into it a little bit less in that moment. But I'm back into contour and think when you've done it really well it definitely helps your selfie. Once you put the light on, it just shows off your features so well.

What are your favorite contour products?
I've been a powder contour person for the longest time, but now I've been into using darker foundations and cream contour. I like a dewier look. My favorite matte pressed powder I used to only use was discontinued, so I have kind of resorted to cream contours.

Time to start contouring, finding your angle and only shooting selfies from above. Why? Because KKW said so.

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