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We've been waiting for her next album since she dropped Artpop in 2013, and now it appears Lady Gaga has finally given us a hint that it's on the way!

The singer took to Instagram to announce her next single, "Perfect Illusion," which will mark her first in nearly three years. 

But what else can we expect from her upcoming fifth studio album? The singer as well as those collaborating on it have spilled just enough of the beans to get us incredibly excited.

Here's everything we know so far:

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It Has a Nickname: While we don't know the title just yet, the album has been nicknamed by both fans and Lady Gaga. They call it LG5.

It's Due for Release at the End of 2016: During the 2016 Grammy Awards, Gaga spoke with reporters backstage and though she didn't give an exact date, she did say the album should come out by the end of this year. "You know, I am putting out an album this year," she said. "I won't tell you when."

It Has "Dark" Influences Stemming From American Horror Story: The singer said working on AHS helped her "reawaken" the "art of darkness" inside of her. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2015, she said she plans to put that energy into her new music. "It will inform me from this day forward, everyday more and more," Gaga said of the TV series' impact on her music.


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It Includes Lots of Big Collaborations: Everyone from Mark Ronson to RedOne, Diane Warren to Nile RodgersBloodpop to composer Giorgio Moroder and Tame Impala has commented in some way shape or form about working on the album.

Ronson told Charlie Rose earlier this year, "She's a Muso at heart. She's the happiest when she's sitting at a piano barking orders at the drummer, and I don't think that's the side of her the world has seen. They've seen the massive pop singles, tours, and dance numbers, so it's really great to make this very honest, authentic, analog kind of record with her."

Ronson also shared a photo of Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker as well as producer Bloodpop (who worked on Justin Bieber's "Sorry") in the studio with Gaga a few months ago. 

Meanwhile, RedOne—who worked on "Just Dance," "Poker Face," and "LoveGame"—told People magazine he helped work on eight songs for the new album. "It's a mixture of classic music and futuristic, too—I didn't want to go too far from what she is. We kept it [similar to] what Gaga is, what she's done all these years. It's special," he said of the upcoming music.

Lady Gaga, Elton John

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Elton John Loves It: During an interview with Beats 1 in June, Elton admitted, "I've heard two or three songs from her new record, which she's making with Mark Ronson, and it's absolutely brilliant. So you're gonna be really happy when you hear that later in the year or early next year."

It Will Show a New Chapter for Her as an Artist: Gaga's new manager, Bobby Campbell, told Billboard he wanted to reinvent Gaga's image ahead of her new album.

"From the time I began managing her, I saw that there was a vocal minority that did not respect her for all that she brings to the table. I wanted to change that and set her up to be the icon that she is," he said in December 2015.

"You've seen the articles. She was 'eccentric,' 'too artsy.' People were judging her unfairly, so I wanted to press the reset button and remind them that whatever their perceptions, she's an incredibly talented musician, performer and songwriter," he continued, later adding, "I think it's clear that new music will be on the horizon. How soon? We don't know. But next year, I think we'll show a new chapter of her as an artist and as a musician."

Well now we certainly cannot wait to see what's in store!

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