Nicole Williams Gets Caught in an ''Awkward'' Situation With Larry English's Ex on WAGS: ''I Don't Know What the F--k to Do!''

Does the model have what it takes to defend her man's honor? Watch the WAGS sneak peek!

By Gabi Duncan Aug 21, 2016 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Tia Gets Fired Up Defending Nicole Williams

Nicole Williams didn't see this coming!

Even though Nicole was "cool" with her man Larry English's ex-girlfriend, Metisha Schaefer, joining the group for dinner, she's the one who ironically ends up in the hot seat in this dramatic WAGS sneak peek after the Miami-based model starts arguing her side of the story about their tangled pasts!

Luckily, Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson have their pal's back and pull her out of the sticky situation when Nicole is literally at a loss for words.

"Nicole, stick up for yourself!" Olivia says. "She's being out of line. She has your man's name in her mouth. It's so inappropriate. It's unreal to me. Unreal!"

Natalie Halcro Butts Heads With Nicole Williams

"I know you're a nice person and you want to be nice to Metisha and you want to have things be neutral between you, Larry and her, but I don't really think that Metisha has the best intentions," Natalie tells Nic. "As your best friends, it's not good and she's talking s--t about Larry."

Meanwhile, Tia Shipman receives criticism back at the table from Metisha's friend and fellow WAGS Miami star, Hencha Voight, who doesn't appreciate that she orchestrated the entire messy situation.

"You're just a gossiper," Hencha tells Tia. "That's what you give. You just like drama." As the two women have a war of words, Hencha adds, "We handle bitches like you every day. It's not a problem." Yikes!

See the drama go down in the clip above!

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