That Moment When Simone Biles Landed a Kiss From Zac Efron While at the Olympics

Where's the gold medal for this?!

By Bruna Nessif Aug 16, 2016 9:57 PMTags

A lot of dreams are coming true during the Rio Games, and that's especially true for Simone Biles.

The Team USA gymnast, who has quickly become one of the biggest names in the competition, is already going home with a few medals for her impeccable talent, but after today, she's also going to go home with a story that will make all of her girlfriends green with envy.

Not only did she finally meet her celeb crush Zac Efron, but she got a kiss on the cheek! SHE GOT A KISS ON THE CHEEK, PEOPLE.


Efron gave props to Biles throughout the Olympics over social media, but the actor managed to make his way over to Brazil to say hello in person. A few photos posted of the pair on Twitter show them canoodling for the camera, with Biles flashing the biggest smile you could imagine while Efron puckers up next to her.

Their little lovefest was for her Snapchat, where you can hear Zac ask Simone to tell him when it's going. She says "it's going" and he kisses her on the cheek. All the girls in the background scream, because duh.

Biles repays the favor for a Boomerang clip posted to her social media, showing the gymnast give a quick peck on Efron's cheek.

The hunky Hollywood star also posed for pictures with more of the Team USA ladies, all of whom who couldn't hide the excitement on their face.

This surprise visit from Efron was all thanks to Hoda Kotb. Yep, the Today host helped arrange the memorable meeting between the actor and Team USA gymnasts, and we'll all get a peek at how it went down on tomorrow's show. (But here's a little preview for those who can't wait.)

Simone's first public confession regarding her admiration of Zac surfaced back in March, when the Olympian appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. When the comedienne brought up her crush, Simone's sudden fit of giggles and rosy cheeks could be seen all the way from Rio.  

"Is it just 'cause he's gorgeous, is that why you like him?" Ellen DeGeneres asked, to which she responded a confident, "Yes!"

Later on, Efron congratulated Biles for her all-star performance during the qualifying rounds on Twitter. "So phenomenal a skill's named after her. Congrats on sticking the Biles and qualifying for the finals @Simone_Biles!" the 28-year-old wrote online. 

Instead of freaking out, Biles kept it cool, calm and collected. At least on the outside. "Thanks Zac! I hope you can watch Team Final tomorrow night," she responded

Now this deserves a gold medal!

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