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Kim Kardashian has a feminist spirit—just don't call her a "feminist."

In a #StraightUp blog entry titled "Why I Don't Label Myself a Feminist," published via her app and website Monday, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star defined a feminist as "someone who advocates for the civil and social rights and liberties of all people, regardless of their gender; anyone who believes that women should have the same choices and opportunities as men when it comes to education and employment, their bodies and their lifestyles." The E! star, 35, added, "Of course I want these things! I'm all about empowering and uplifting women. Obviously, there are things about me that people might say make me a feminist: I work hard, I make my own money, I'm comfortable and confident in my own skin, and I encourage women to be open and honest about their sexuality, and to embrace their beauty and their bodies."

"But why do we have to put labels on things? You're Republican, you're Democrat, you're bisexual, you're plus-size, you're poor, you're a criminal, you're a mother, you're a feminist. I'm a human being, and I have thoughts, feelings and opinions about a lot of different things," Kim continued. "I don't need to be defined by those beliefs, just as much as I don't want to be set apart from—or viewed as being against—those who DO define themselves by those beliefs."

Kim said "being grouped or labeled can create separation between people who do (or don't) fall into certain categories, when they may actually share many of the same beliefs and goals. It's not about he, she, gay, straight, black, white. The fight for equality is about ALL human beings being treated equally—regardless of gender, sexuality or ethnicity. It's simply a personal choice that I don't like the idea of being labeled." She vowed to "always fight for women's rights" and "always" support women. "But, at the end of the day, no one should feel pressured to be labeled as anything just because they believe in certain things and support certain values or ideals."

Monday wasn't the first time Kim disassociated herself from the word "feminist" while also promoting feminist ideals. "I guess people would call me a feminist. But I don't really like to put labels on things," the reality star said during a panel discussion at the Commonwealth Club of California on July 1, 2015. "I do what makes me feel comfortable," she explained, "and I never say what I'm doing is the right thing." At the BlogHer conference in L.A. on Aug. 5, 2016, she reiterated her stance, telling the audience, "I don't like labels. I just think I do what makes me happy and I want women to be confident and I'm so supportive of women. I love to support other women, but I'm not the free-the-nipple type girl...Just, like, no hate. That's my thing."

There has been only one time that Kim went on a record as a feminist—although, according to Rolling Stone's readers, she only did so begrudgingly. "I've never really been one on labels, and I don't like to push my view. If I feel something, it's how I feel. I never say, 'I feel this way, so you should feel that way,'" she explained in the magazine's July 27, 2015 issue. "Not that there's anything wrong with it, but I just am who I am. But, yeah. I think you would call me a feminist."

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