Vanderpump Rules' Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney Give Wedding Advice and Play the Newlywed Game

You won't be able to guess which of these two has got some serious dancing moves

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Watch: Katie Maloney & Tom Schwartz Play "Wedding Rules" Game

The big day is almost here! 

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney got candid with E! News at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel to share their input on engaged life, wedding planning and more. 

The Vanderpump Rules duo answered our questions with the loving back-and-forth banter we've grown to love about them over the years. 

When asked about any wisdom she'd share with a bride to be, Katie advised to never sweat the little things and remember what the day is truly about. Tom told all grooms, "Just remember to make sure your bride-to-be is happy and she feels like she has your support. And also make sure you're there for her when she needs you." 

Why Tom Schwartz Is Excited to Call Katie Maloney His Wife

The duo touched on bridesmaids and groomsmen as well, with Katie saying a bridesmaid should act as a helping hand, both physically and emotionally, and make it about the bride-to-be. In an attempt to crack a joke, Tom told groomsmen that they should never consistently remind you that you are going to about to spend the rest of your life with one person. Katie's reaction to his response pretty much says it all. 

During their engagement period, Katie shared that Tom often forgot to acknowledge her as his fiancée and unconsciously would still introduce her as his girlfriend. She emphasized that a good fiancé should remember to refer to his wife-to-be as a fiancée. Tom conceded that a good fiancé should do as he's told. 

On wedding planning details, 29-year-old Maloney explained, "Keep it genuine to who you are—that will help the decisions come easier. Keep it simple for you." She also confessed that her No. 1 tip to stay sane during wedding planning is to cry. "Once you release it all, you can recharge after that." Tom added, "As the groom to be, just try to have a calming effect on your bride. She's stressed. Remind her that she's beautiful and you love her. Just be her rock—I try to be that." 

Can you say #relationshipgoals? 

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Watch: Katie Maloney & Tom Schwartz Play "The Newlywed" Game

Things sure got fiery when the stars began to playing the Newlywed Game. 

When asked which of the two are messier, Tom penned Katie's name while Katie wrote that they were equally messy. Tom conceded, "I'm neater on a more consistent basis, but when she cleans she does a much better job overall." 

It was a tie again for who was funniest, with Katie weighing in, "We have a similar sense of humor, but are also funny in different ways."

The couple unanimously agreed that Tom wins the award for best dancer. Katie admitted, "I look like everyone's mom on a cruise ship like with their friends after a couple chardonnays." 

Katie won in an overwhelming vote for best wardrobe, and we aren't surprised considering she's the co-founder of fashion and lifestyle blog Pucker & Pout

After going back and forth on who has the best taste, Tom eventually gave the honors to his fiancée. 

But ultimately, the two agreed that when it comes to who picks the date night, they both equally put in a effort to keep their romance alive. "We both make an effort to sort of spend time together and plan things," Katie said. 

We have a feeling this power couple will be having many date nights for years to come. 

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