Only Two of Kendall Jenner's Family Members Knew About Her September Vogue Cover Ahead of the Release

Supermodel opens up about keeping it a secret

By Kendall Fisher Aug 11, 2016 6:10 PMTags
Kendall Jenner, VogueMert Alas and Marcus Piggott/Vogue

Being the cover girl of Vogue's September issue is one of the most coveted titles to hold, and although she was indescribably excited about it, there was one difficult feat Kendall Jenner had to overcome until today: keeping it a secret!

The supermodel chatted with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS FM Thursday and revealed she had known about the cover since before April, hiding it from everyone except two people for months.

"I didn't tell anyone in my family," she explained. So who were the lucky two? "My mom obviously knew, and then I think I spilled the beans to Kim [Kardashian]," Kendall said. "But I think she's the only one that knew. She's the best person to give a secret to."

In fact, both Kim and Kris Jenner commented on Kendall's success in the Vogue interview, expressing how proud they are of her.

But despite those two knowing, Kendall still felt the burden on her shoulders. "I couldn't even tell my best friends! It was so stressful, but I mean it's there and now I'm here with all of my friends, and everyone knows, and it's just love and I'm so excited."

Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott/Vogue

The 20-year-old was finally able to unveil her cover with all her best friends as they're on a trip together for Kylie Jenner's birthday (which was Wednesday).

"I am currently with all of my best friends, well, most of my best friends, a bunch of people," she told Seacrest. "We celebrated [Kylie's] birthday yesterday. We're just chilling by a pool right now in a beautiful location."

Overall, Kendall just simply can't get over how honored she is to get this cover.

"It is literally the most important month and magazine, ever," she said. "Like I'm literally going to cry right now, it's the craziest thing ever! I've been dreaming of being on this cover since I was a kid. I never genuinely saw myself on September Vogue," she, continued, admitting. "I mean I did, in my dreams and imagination, but I never thought it would happen in reality. So to be on it is the most insane thing."

Congrats again to the model!

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