Trump Tower Climber, Jared Padalecki

AP Photo/Julie Jacobson, Christopher Polk/Getty Images

While it may make many people happy to hear that Jared Padalecki decided to get out his suction cups and climb the Trump Tower, that is not the case. Although a lot of people really thought it was.

Someone really did take on the daring task, though, causing a lot of media outlets to livestream the event that quickly took over social media. The 20-year-old Virginia man began to scale the building on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan this afternoon with nothing but suction cups.

His contraption, which was made up of five suction cups, helped him climb up the 68-story building for over two hours, until police knocked out a window pane and grabbed him. He was subsequently taken out on a stretcher.

The event caught a lot of people's attention, including the Supernatural star, who took to Twitter to write:

However, people couldn't help but wonder if that mysterious climber was actually Padalecki, and we can't blame them. With those long brown locks and the angle of his face, there's a striking resemblance.

But it wasn't actually Jared, and the actor took to Facebook to set things straight.

"To clear things up, this is NOT me trying to scale the Trump Tower in NYC," he wrote. "I am safe and sound in Vancouver filming #‎Supernatural‬. So please stop asking."

Well, darn.

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