Joey Fatone on 'N Sync's Reunion: "We Really Are Getting Old, Aren't We?"

"We had a great time," the singer tells E! News' Marc Malkin

By Marc Malkin, Zach Johnson Aug 10, 2016 1:55 PMTags
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Yes, JC Chasez is 40 years old. And no, Joey Fatone can't believe it either.

'N Sync reunited for Chasez's milestone birthday at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood Sunday, where Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick and Justin Timberlake celebrated their former bandmate alongside a number of celebrity guests. "We kind of closed down the place," Fatone, 39, exclusively told E! News' Marc Malkin Monday at the premiere of Sausage Party (in theaters this Friday). "We had about 50 of his closest friends, and we had a great time. It was awesome."

As E! News previously reported, musician Dallas Austin, actress Jessica Biel, actor Chace Crawford, pop star Luke Hemmings, reality star Brody Jenner, screenwriter Simon Kinberg, choreographer Spencer Liff, actress Tara Reid and director Bryan Singer also partied with Chasez. "The entire party was casual," a source said of the low-key, star-studded event. "The restaurant was rented out for JC's birthday. JC's manager, Eric Podwall, gave the first toast, followed by Justin giving a toast with Joey, Lance and Chris standing next to him while he spoke."

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'N Sync didn't perform any of its mega hits, like "Tearin' Up My Heart" or "Bye Bye Bye." But, Fatone confirmed, "We sang 'Happy Birthday' to JC. That's what we did." Malkin joked that if they released their rendition of "Happy Birthday," it could be a huge hit for the pop stars. "I think with the intoxication and the alcohol, I definitely would have sounded like crap," Fatone joked.

In 2011, Kirkpatrick became the first member of 'N Sync to turn 40. Bass, Fatone and Timberlake, meanwhile, are still in their 30s. "It's crazy," Fatone said. "We're all catching up."

Rest assured, 'N Sync's youthful spirit hasn't disappeared. "Last night we felt like little kids," Fatone told E! News. "We were kind of reminiscing about stuff, but then all of a sudden it's like, 'Here's a picture of my two kids,' and Justin's like, 'Here's a picture of my little boy.' It's like, 'Oh, crap! We really are getting old, aren't we?' I never really feel it, though. That's the beauty of it."