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Everyone was watching Michael Phelps Sunday night as he won his first gold medal of the 2016 Olympics—especially one little guy. 

The olympic swimmer's 3-month-old son Boomer Phelps stole a bit of his father's thunder as he adorably watched from his mother's arms during his dad's 4x100-meter freestyle relay.

Swaddled in a patriotic red and white star baby carrier with his father's initials embroidered on it, the newborn was a stylish hit on social media as photos circulated of him perched on his mother Nicole Johnson's lap next to his cheering grandmother. Yes, even as Michael raced to victory, people all over the world could not help but gush over his baby boy, particularly with his pair of red, white and blue noise-blocking headphones.

However, all of the celebration proved a bit too much for the infant since he dozed off just as Phelps emerged from the pool after the win to gift him a stuffed animal and his fiancee a bouquet of flowers. 

Thanks for sharing your gold medal with me dad!!! I love you and can't wait til I get to see you.

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The baby later popped up on social media to digitally cheer for his famous dad. "Thanks for sharing your gold medal with me dad!!! I love you and can't wait til I get to see you," his Instagram account read. 

The feeling has been mutual for Michael, who welcomed his son in May and is celebrating his first Olympics as a father. The most decorated Olympian of all time has even been wearing custom sneakers with his son's footprint marked on the sole of shoes. 

"To have our first-born be able to watch—I'll say this just, in case I come back—my potential last Olympics," he said during a press conference. "Just so you guys don't beat me to death if I come back, I'm just going to say that: To have him watch the potential last races of my career is something I look forward to being able to share with him."

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