Tina Fey

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

Quite unlike Golden Globes winner Laura Dern, Tina Fey refused, absolutely, hands-down, irrevocably, to offer any kind of future advice for Sarah Palin. Even though portraying the big-haired politician shot Fey into a career zenith almost unimaginable, she told me she's done talking about her. "I refuse," Fey insisted. "It's over."

Damn, girl, we still need you in that pissy department! Speaking of getting sassy, Fey certainly is—with her online detractors.

"They suck!" she screamed about some recent posters on the L.A. Times site the Envelope. "So what's with all the cruelty on the Internet?" I asked. "Anonymity," she offered, the simple explanation explanation. Not sure I agree, but whatever.

Oh, and darlings, I assure you I won't be anonymous about some great postshow goss coming shortly: Did you know Brad Pitt totally wasn't pleased that Angie couldn't friggin' stop flirting with the beautiful dames at the show, particularly those with impressive...Globes?

Total absolute fact, more Monday.

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