Britney Spears Spent More Than $8 Million Last Year on Her Dogs, Massages and More!

Find out how much the pop princess made in 2015

By Brett Malec Aug 06, 2016 12:35 AMTags

Britney Spears sure know how to spend cash!

The pop princess' conservatorship filed legal docs this week breaking down exactly how much Brit made and spent in the year 2015 and the numbers may shock you.

In total, the "Make Me" singer dropped $8 million last year. So what exactly did she spend it on?

Believe it or not, Britney dropped almost $38,000 on pet care for her dogs! Yes, you read that right. She also spent a whopping $68,000 on pampering, including massages and mani/pedis.

So how much did Brit dropped on her clothes last year? Watch the E! News video for the answer and to find out how much Britney's net worth is!

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