Twitter isn't a happy place right now, and if you love Frank Ocean, you know why. Fans waited eagerly for his album; Boys Don't Cry, to drop today, but when he failed to release it, social media, as they do, went nuts. Some stayed up until midnight for the release, while others woke up this morning in pure disappointment. Sure, he technically still has the rest of the day to bless us with his music, but we're not sure if his fans can handle more waiting.

Oh, did we mention Snapchat was on its Frank Ocean filter game like white on rice? One of them is a graphic of a skeleton with the caption "Waiting for Frank Ocean's New Music Like..." Zing, Snapchat. Zing. 

To keep your mind busy while you wait in soul-sucking anticipation, please enjoy our roundup of every Frank Ocean tweet that will remind you that you are not facing this struggle alone. Also, although we don't know when he posted it, these words below were spotted on his Tumblr, so maybe it's some sort of sign. He may not have dropped his album yet, but at least he can laugh at himself? That's what counts, right? Maybe?

Frank Ocean, Boys Don't Cry

Tumblr: Frank Ocean

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