10 Things Nick Cannon Revealed About Mariah Carey, Chili and More

America's Got Talent host opens up about his marriage and current relationship status

By Francesca Bacardi Aug 05, 2016 4:45 PMTags

Nick Cannon isn't holding anything back!

The America's Got Talent host appeared on The Breakfast Club Friday morning and addressed everything in his life, from his marriage to Mariah Carey to any future relationship he might have with a certain TLC songstress. Cannon had nothing but nice things to say about his ex-wife and mother of his children, but he did reveal some fun facts about what goes on behind the scenes!

Here are 10 notable things Cannon shared during his interview:

1. Cannon has no intentions of getting into another relationship "ever" again. "I'm damaged goods," he told the hosts. "I'm wounded."

2. Carey has her own "light person" at her house. "It had to be from a certain side," he revealed.

3. Cannon isn't 100 percent sure if he's making an appearance in Mariah's World, but he thinks so. "I mean I was around. I was there for my children," he said. He recalled a time he was playing on a trampoline with them and a camera popped up.

4. He isn't a fan of reality TV: "I produce those and I know how the game moves," he said.

5. Even though Carey has a new manager, Cannon insisted, "Mariah manages Mariah." He added, "She's running the show."

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6. He thinks TLC's Chili is "amazing," but he isn't about to get into a relationship. "Where I am at in my life you can't just play with a woman like that," he said. "You have to be serious...I don't want to mess with nothing I can't stand firm and be a committed man in."

7. Cannon and Carey's divorce didn't happen overnight; it happened because he wanted to be the "solid foundation" for their children when she wasn't on tour.

8. Cannon thinks Carey's fiancé James Packer is a "nice dude." "They seem really into each other," he admitted. "I'm there for it. Again, it's all about my kids."

9 His son, Moroccan Cannon, is "obsessed with boobies" but he won't be showing his daughter, Monroe Cannon, Amber Rose's book anytime soon.

10. Cannon said he never dated Christina Milian, and she had "no right" to be mad when she went through his phone and discovered he had been talking to other women.

For more from Cannon, watch the interview!

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