Salma Hayek, Francois-Henri Pinault

Marc Piasecki/Getty Images

When it comes to soccer, Salma Hayek will do whatever it takes to watch a match. 

The actress told Jimmy Kimmel that her passion for soccer runs very deep, in fact, when the Olympics come around she roots hardest for Mexico's soccer team. Her husband François-Henrie Pinault knows this all too well since he once woke up to his wife's entire family surrounding his bed and screaming. Hayek recalls the hilarious incident that happened during the London 2012 Olympics with a soccer match between Mexico and Brazil. 

"My whole family had come over for the summer...when I say my whole family, the Mexicans know that's not lightly, that's a lot of people in one house," Hayek said. She went on to explain that because of a business trip Pinault was jet-lagged and exhausted, so he was sleeping in their bedroom. 

"I woke up that morning really early, and it was like a conspiracy. None of the televisions were working, except the one in our bedroom," Hayek recalled. "So I said to my 200 members of the family and the people that work in the house that also wanted to watch the game, I said, 'We're going to go to my bedroom, but everybody needs to be super quiet. I am going to put the television on mute. You just have to watch and hold it and keep it to yourself. Because François is going to be sleeping there.'"

Well as her family made themselves comfortable in her bedroom, they slowly realized that there wasn't enough space on the floor or to stand. So, they started sitting and laying on the bed. Hayek says her husband was practically hugging her father. All was going great, until Mexico scored and everyone screamed, "GOAL!"

"He jumped out of his bed and saw all these Mexicans on his bed! He was terrified! Once we saw he was awake, we started doing the Mexican Wave and had a party, " Hayek said. "And we won! We won against Brazil! Gold medal for Mexico!"

Hayek's husband will already know what to expect for these Summer Olympics if the TVs around the house aren't working. 

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