Chad-ageddon is once again upon us. 

After wreaking havoc in The Bachelorette house during JoJo Fletcher's season, fans were hoping to see a different side of Chad Johnson when it was announced he was heading to Mexico for Bachelor in Paradise's third season. Oh, how young and naive we all were, as the Chad was back in full force during Tuesday night's premiere, with the 28-year-old getting extremely drunk, throwing a few punches, engaging in a volatile two-hour relationship with Lace Morris, and, worst of all, calling Sarah Herron a "one-armed bitch" after she called him out for his "abusive behavior." (During his solo confessionals, he kept calling her "Army McArmenson" as well.) 

Chad visited E! News ahead of the BIP premiere on Tuesday, where he was already saying how "bad" he felt about the things he said about Sarah, but didn't seem to quite remember his time in Mexico very well. 

"I think I did make a couple of jokes about Sarah, and I do feel bad about that," he told E! News' Carissa Culiner. "I didn't think that I did, I thought didn't do anything…I do feel genuinely bad about some of the things I might have said. It may sound funny to some people with a horrible sense of humor, but I should have kept them on the inside."

Bachelor in Paradise, Chad Johnson


And ater the episode aired, Chad took to Twitter to offer a public apology, writing, "I should've never ever EVER said that abt @sarahherron tonight. I was a d--k im disappointed in myself." He also posted a video of himself offering an apology. "I said something I shouldn't have said," he says in the short eight-second video. "I did make a mistake. I mean, it sucks. What are you gonna do, you know?" 

As for Sarah, she took to Twitter as well, and didn't accept Chad's apology. "BYE FELICIA! #BachelorInParadise @realchadjohnson I thought you were different. I'm SO sorry for apologizing to you @MTA." She then added, "If @realchadjohnson is really sorry, which I believe he is... he knows how to correct it with me personally. Doesn't need to be on a stage.

But Chad's apology tour doesn't end there, as he also revealed to us that he apologized to Chris Harrison for his behavior, which included accusing the host of just sitting around in a robe and drinking a mimosa all day after Harrison kicked Chad off the show. (During the episode, Harrison tweeted, "Don't mess with my #Bachelor family!") As we previously reported, Chad actually apologized during a commercial break during the Men Tell All special taping.

"I was mad at Chris Harrison, I was mad at him. I already talked to Chris, so we're cool now," Chad said. "He knew I was upset, he knew what was going on at the time. We talked, and I was just genuinely like, 'Hey, I'm sorry, man. Obviously, I was upset.'"

So why did Chad get SO crazy on night one, with Harrison even saying he turned Paradise into hell? "We had a crazy fun first night, and I thought we'd come, we party hard, we have a good time, and then the next day I'd get to know everybody, Like, hey, you saw the party side of me, you saw what I am capable of, like worst case scenario. Now, let's get to know each other personally."

To hear more from Chad, including why he really loves Evan Bass despite finding his Bachelorette foe "so annoying," watch the rest of our interview with him above. 

Bachelor in Paradise's next episode airs Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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