Jordan Rodgers Sounds Off on Estrangement From Aaron Rodgers: "Family Things Are Always Tough to Address"

Exclusive: JoJo Fletcher and Jordan open up to E! News about all the negative tabloid attention and how they've dealt with it

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Watch: JoJo Fletcher & Jordan Sound Off on Rodgers' Family Drama

For The Bachelorette's Jordan Rodgers, the drama has spilled over to real life. Jordan, the winner of season 12 and JoJo Fletcher's heart, his family drama and estrangement from brother Aaron Rodgers, and ghosts of ex-girlfriends past made headlines.

"The tabloids have been really hard for me," JoJo told E! News on Tuesday. "That part was absolutely been the worst." And while a lot of the stories were about Jordan, he was more concerned about how they were hurting his fiancee. 

"The hardest part for me, not only how unbelievably false and frustrating this is, but the woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with and love more than anything is being so affected by that," he explained, "and I can't publicly support her and I can be there for her as much as I can, but we want to show people how in love we are. We want to show people how happy we are."

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So just how much did it affect JoJo? Well, she was crying herself to sleep, that's how bad it was.

"When it first started, here were many nights I called him sobbing, I cried myself to sleep," she admitted. "I was very affected and I always told myself to not let it get to me, don't listen to the media, don't listen to what people say behind a computer screen, but it's very hard. When you're not used to it, it's tough. I just learned to trust in our relationship and to focus on that."

Of course, one of the biggest headlines to come out of this season was Jordan's estrangement from his older brother, Aaron. While Jordan was hesitant to talk about his relationship with his brother with Chris Harrison during the After the Final Rose special, he did tell E! News it was not something he expected to become such a big storyline on the show. 

Aaron Rodgers Breaks His Silence on Brother Jordan Rodgers Competing in The Bachelorette
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"I hadn't seen the show before, so I didn't really have an expectation, which may be naive on my part," he said. "Family things are always tough, and they're always tough to address, let alone on a TV show. But I knew I made a commitment to go on there and be honest with JoJo and make sure that she knew everything because we didn't have any time off-camera and we were going to get to a proposal. So you have to be honest, you have to trust she believes in the person you are."

Aaron finally broke his silence on Jordan's appearance on The Bachelorette, telling WISN, "I haven't seen the show, to be honest with you, so it hasn't really affected me a whole lot...but I wish him well in the competition."

And Jordan told us he hadn't actually heard what Aaron had said. "I didn't! As I said, we've been trying, as much as we can, to not look at social media. We've been good about it...we've dealt with it for a while, so we've been, as much as possible, staying away from social media."

To hear more from Jordan and JoJo, press play on our interview with them above. And check back with us later for scoop on their plans for the future.

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