If you thought Matt Damon was doing his own stunts in the Bourne movies, you thought wrong.

The Jason Bourne star appeared on The Late Late Show Monday where he and host James Corden revealed the truth about all those action scenes: Corden is the one really doing the work! During a sketch for the show, Corden appeared on set of Jason Bourne to fulfill a role, but he didn't know what that was. All he knew thought before filming was that he and Damon looked alike.

"My identical brother from another mother!" he addressed Damon.

As for how Corden nabbed the cameo, he explained that it all began with a simple run-in while he was out shopping. "'Are you kidding, James? I'd love to come on the show. That's a dream come true for me,'" Corden recalled Damon saying. "But you have to return the favor. I need to have you in the next Bourne movie."

James Corden, Matt Damon, The Late Late Show

A huge fan of The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Ultimatum and Bourne on the Fourth of July, Corden couldn't say no. But Damon told a different version of the story. "I don't even really like doing [The Late Late Show] because all he talks about is how much we look alike," Damon shared. "That's embarrassing, but it did kind of give me an idea."

That idea: to make Corden his stuntman. The duo had to film three scenes together, so Corden really learned all about life behind-the-scenes of the Bourne movies...and it certainly cost him! The first scene Corden had to film involved getting punched in the face. Damon demonstrated—obviously making sure no fists came in contact with his handsome mug—and then Corden stepped in. The British host took a big hit and received a large shiner in return. 

"I'm not mad at Matt, but I do think I've been misled as to my specific role in the film," said a bruised Corden. "This is just a waste of my talents."

"That can't be the first time he's been punched in the face," Damon told the camera. "He's got an extremely punchable face."

The next scene involved Corden jumping off a building roof and landing in a dumpster for cushion, but unfortunately he missed the target...and landed flat on the pavement. Corden wound up with a fractured penis, among other injuries, but received praise from Damon. "I don't think we're going to end up using that shot," Damon confessed, "but great work."

Corden's final scene, dubbed "the hero shot," was supposed to be the "easiest" moment of all, but once again Damon misled his pal. Instructed to simply walk from point A to point B, Corden wondered why Damon couldn't complete such a simple task.

To find out the truth, watch the video!

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