Coco and Baby Chanel Are Ice-T's Biggest Cheerleaders at Art of Rap Music Festival

Law & Order: SVU star has the support of two important ladies during Friday’s show

By Mike Vulpo Jul 30, 2016 11:16 PMTags

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Baby Chanel is more than ready to rock ‘n' roll!

While kicking off a brand-new weekend, Coco and her daughter decided to support Ice-T at the Art of Rap festival in Brooklyn. What came next was some quality mother-daughter time that may just be too cute to ignore.

"I'm a babywearing mommy and proud of it!" Coco wrote on Instagram while sporting Chanel in a Baby K'tan Baby Carrier. "Even at my man's performances #artofrapfest."

Before the show began, fans also got a taste of the backstage life on Snapchat. While wearing an "O.G. Jr." T-shirt with a Chanel headband, the eight-month-old was all smiles while waiting for the set to begin. 

"Are you all dressed up for daddy's show?" Coco was overheard asking. "You're so funny."

So what did daddy think of having two very important ladies in the audience? He absolutely loved it! "Daddy is my everything!" baby Chanel's account read. "After his rap show! #OGjunior #artofrap."

While some may think a new baby in the house would affect Ice-T and Coco's routine, we've learned Chanel hasn't caused much change. In fact, she's one "chill baby" who is able to see dad on the set of his NBC series every week.

"She sleeps with us. She loves daddy," Coco recently shared with E! News. "She loves watching him play X-box. She's like this model human being."  

As for the Law & Order: SVU family, they're also in love with a baby who already has more than 372,000 followers on Instagram. 

"Auntie @therealmariskahargitay makes me laugh..I like when she uses funny voices," Chanel's Instagram read after posing with Mariska Hargitay and Ice-T. "Hanging with daddy at work today..He's really cool."