Lindsay Lohan Spotted Smoking Amid Pregnancy Claims and Relationship Drama With Egor Tarabasov

Actress recently aired her relationship drama with Egor Tarabasov

By McKenna Aiello Jul 28, 2016 3:53 PMTags
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Lindsay Lohan is currently "taking time" for herself after recently exposing relationship troubles with Egor Tarabasov

In a since-deleted social media rant against the 22-year-old Russian businessman, the actress made multiple claims alluding to her fiancé's infidelity as well as a pregnancy.

Lohan followed up with an apology on Tuesday, assuring her Instagram followers, "I'm good and well. #ATM [At the moment], I am taking time for myself with good friends. I am sorry that I've exposed certain private matters recently. I was acting out of fear and sadness... We all make mistakes. Sadly mine have always been so public."

The 30-year-old retreated to a private yacht this week in Italy, where she was spotted smoking while on board. 

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Lohan first sparked speculation over a possible pregnancy when she tweeted, "lindsay lohan labour pains trailer - I am pregnant!!!" referring to a 2009 movie she starred in as a woman who fakes her pregnancy. Shortly after, reports circulated that Lindsay had called off her engagement with Tarabasov. 

Her father, Michael Lohan, told E! News on Tuesday, "If she's pregnant I find it hard to believe she'd end it so quickly without giving Egor a chance to go to rehab and redeem himself. Lindsay is a very dedicated and loving person. I don't think she'd ever turn her back on someone that quickly." 

However, he later told People magazine on Wednesday, "[Lindsay] texted me and said [she was pregnant]. I'm going to believe what she says."

Of the current relationship status between Lohan and Tarabasov, a source told E! News Monday that issues for the couple have been brewing since her birthday, which was July 2, and "that he hasn't been good to her the way he used to be."

"She talked about how he was maybe too young," the source added. "That he was getting affected by the fame, that she had started seeing changes in him."

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