Mila Kunis got very candid on The Late Late Show Monday when she was asked to describe husband Ashton Kutcher's penis during a game of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts.

When forced to either answer the question or drink a glass of clam juice, Kunis had no choice but to tell host James Corden whether her husband's penis was more like a "carrot stick or beer can."

Kunis chose carrot stick, but quickly backtracked. "Carrot stick?" Corden asked, raising an eyebrow.

"But beer cans are short," Kunis explained.

"No, not a big beer can," Corden corrected her.

"A beer can!" Kunis shouted. "A beer can!" in defense of her original answer, she told Corden and other guest Christina Applegate, "I'm thinking it's short and stubby or long and thin. But no, [it's] like a Guinness."

So E! News caught up with Kunis at the premiere of Bad Moms Tuesday where she told Zuri Hall how Kutcher felt about her "Guinness" comments. "He was very happy about the Guinness," she shared with us exclusively. "And then I was like, 'I should've been like a 40!'"

Mila Kunis

David Livingston/Getty Images

She added, "Listen, it's a fact. He's like a Guinness, you guys." Let the record show, Ashton is "like a Guinness."

The Black Swan actress also played a game of Good Mom or Bad Mom with Zuri, who asked her whether using an iPad to entertain a kid makes someone a good or bad mom, or whether it's OK for a mom to give the side-eye to another person's child. The latter question caused Kunis to laugh.

"Well, I've done it. I have a very sweet daughter. She's very sweet. So she'll go to the park and just hug you, but not all kids want to be hugged," she explained. "Some kids will push my daughter. I start getting very offended."

She added, simply, "Just don't mess with my kid."

Watch the video to see how she answers the other questions!

Bad Moms is in theaters on July 29.

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