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There's just something about Rihanna and Drake...  

Maybe it's their undeniably infectious onstage chemistry or their ability to pull at our heartstrings every time their on-again, off-again courtship takes a new turn, but we can't seem to kick these two.

Individually, these Grammy-winning artists can do no wrong. By the end of 2016, each will have released No. 1 albums and embarked on sell-out international tours. Not to mention the possibility for Rihanna and Drake to receive formal recognition for their musical prowess, with either star recently receiving multiple MTV Video Music Awards nominations.  

Both Rih and Drake have climbed the music charts at record-breaking speeds on their own, though it's only when they come together that the stars begin to align in a way that just makes sense. Since their acquaintanceship first bloomed back in 2009, they've come together on quite a few hit tracks. And with that, we present to you our ranking of this recently rekindled couple's best collaborations. 

4. "Take Care:" As the titular single from the rapper's 2011 album of the same name, fans had high expectations for the collab that focused on the pair's more emotional side. Per usual, Drake and Rihanna did not disappoint, delivering a track that is equal parts club banger as it is relationship ballad. Thanks (in part) to the Barbadian beauty signing on for the project, Drake went on to snag his first and only Grammy for Best Rap Album in 2013. 

Drake, Rihanna, 2011

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3. "Too Good:" In this refreshingly honest duet, which comes as the couple's most recent release from Drake's Views, Rihanna and Drizzy get right down to the nitty-gritty of relationship woes. Either partner feels their efforts in making thing work have gone completely unappreciated by the other, and it totally resonates with listeners who've hit a rough pitch with their significant other. Plus, Drake crooning about wanting to "get that late night message" from his lady love sets our hearts fluttering in the most shameless way. 

2. "What's My Name?:" Giventhat we're total suckers for a couple's honeymoon phase, we couldn't help but include the single that started it all for Drake and Rihanna. Released in 2010 on Rihanna's Loud, "What's My Name?" set the tone for what would later serve as an analogy for their relationship: playful, sexy and slightly risky. Plus, their steamy rendezvous in a grocery store's dairy aisle provided the unlikely fodder for a fantasy we're all still dreaming about.

1. "Work:" In what could be argued as the song of the summer, year (and maybe?) decade, Rihanna and Drake put their hot and heavy romance on full display in the lead single from the 28-year-old's Anti album. The song's titillating lyrics speak for themselves, but one look at the music video for "Work" and diehard fans were sent into an absolute frenzy. Lucky for us, the duo has reprised those bump-and-grind dance moves time and time again for multiple performances, making this collaboration their greatest yet.

And by "yet" we mean any future duets with Rihanna and Drake will be welcomed with open arms, hearts and ears. How about an entire album? That would absolutely suffice.

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