10 Bombshells Charlie Hunnam Dropped at Comic-Con: King Arthur's Casting Coup, He's Ditching His Six-Pack & More

Our head is still spinning from the actor's interview with E! News

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Still bummed Sons of Anarchy is over? Don't worry, Charlie Hunnam is coming soon to a theater near you.

The dashing Englishman got up close and personal with E! News' Erin Lim at Comic-Con 2016, where he was promoting King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, set to be released March 24, 2017, and he opened up about his fitness plan (or lack thereof), his recent bromance, his surprising new co-star, his thoughts on a Sons spin-off and much, much more!

First and foremost...

1. He's Getting Rid of His Famous Six-Pack

Take a moment, absorb the news...

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"You know I've been doing a lot of very physical work that last 16, 17 years and I'm starting to get tired. I'm starting to get old," the 36-year-old actor said. "I want to eat some hamburgers and just relax."

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Moreover, Hunnam said that his sculpted figure doesn't "sit comfortably" with him. He explained that he's naturally a slim person and never intended to be that beefy, and only bulked up to play Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy.  

"To feel formidable and to feel like I could hold my own in you know, against these big dudes that they put me up against, I needed to train every day," Hunnam said. "And it was much more about like feeling the right psychology than like some sort of aesthetic...or desire."

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2. He Pulled Out of 50 Shades of Grey Because He Was Too Busy

Hunnam said he initially accepted the role but had to pull out because he had too many commitments and took on too much. He called leaving the movie and all of the press coverage that followed "traumatic."

"It was the worst professional experience of my life," he said. "I found myself very overwhelmed. There were all sorts of like reports of me having a nervous breakdown or like getting terrified of the sexuality of it. It really wasn't any of that. I just had like five movies to do...and less time than I could do them all."

As much as we would have loved to have seen Hunnam as a shirtless Christian Grey, we can let that one slide. He's a busy man! (Not to mention, Jamie Dornan is no slouch in the role.)

Entertainment Weekly

3. He Confirmed David Beckham will be in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Hunnam unintentionally spilled the beans that chiseled former soccer stud David Beckham is part of the star-studded cast of his latest movie, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

"I thought Beckham was a secret but I guess everyone's talking about it now. Unless you just are tricking me and I'm the one that's putting the secret out," he said mock-suspiciously.

Well, it's confirmed now! And Hunnam couldn't help but rave about the athlete and model turned actor.

"Beckham was awesome. I mean, I genuinely love that guy," he said. "I loved working with him. He was great."


4. He Had a Total Bromance With Guy Ritchie

Bromance alert! Hunnam told E! News that he and his King Arthur director became really close friends on set, the two working out together and even having pull-up competitions.

"You know, just like boy stuff. Just boys being boys just messing around," he said affectionately.

And Ritchie was more than just a workout buddy to Hunnam. He also said the director was like a brother.

"Working with Guy was like a dream come true," he gushed. "I never had a such a good time with a director in my career. He's just like a really cool, big bro, you know. I just genuinely loved spending time with him and to go and work with him all day every day for six months was, was just a blast."

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5. He Stole a Motorcycle from the Sons of Anarchy Set

Hunnam revealed that he took a motorcycle from the set of Sons of Anarchy and still hasn't given it back!

He told E! News that after he swiped the keys from set, he drove the motorcycle off the lot and hid it. Then he never told anyone he had it when asked.

"They say you've got to bring the bike back and you're like what bike?" he said with a laugh.

Looks like Hunnam's a little more like Jax than we thought!

Prashant Gupta/FX

6. He Hung Out With Real Outlaws for Sons of Anarchy

Hunnam played Jax on Sons of Anarchy for six years and said he got really immersed in the character. And like many actors, he went out into the real world to make his character as believable as possible.

"You have to be able to believe that you're that guy," he said. "So I got deep in that world and hung around with a lot of real outlaws and sort of lived a little bit of that lifestyle."

He added that spending time with real-life rebels wasn't about him being someone he wasn't, and was more of a test to see if his character could survive in that world and be accepted.

Prashant Gupta/FX

7. He Believes in a Sons of Anarchy Spin-Off

Hunnam said he thinks that the spinoff of Kurt Sutter's gritty FX series that's in development will happen—and it will be more of an origin story about American motorcycle culture that will take place in 1950s and '60s California. He also said he expects it will focus more on the Mayans than the Sons of Anarchy.

"But again, I could be wrong," he said. "And listen I'm unemployed right now so if they want to give me a job that's all good with me."

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8. He Was Unemployed and Loved It

Hunnam said he had hardly any time off for nearly eight years and enjoyed taking a little time for himself this past year.

"I bought a new house, I hung with my girlfriend a lot, gave my cat a lot of cuddles and I've also been developing some movies," he said. "So I've been producing a few things and staying busy. I'm a very busy, unemployed guy."

Developing and producing? We can't wait to see what he has in store for us!

9. He Forgot Prince Philip's Name...Twice!

Someone take away Hunnam's tea! The British actor forgot Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth's husband...twice!

"This is a terrible thing for an Englishman to ask," he said, fumbling. "What is, ah, what is William and Harry's grandfather called? Elizabeth's husband…the queen's husband, what's his name? I forget his name. This is so terrible."

And he also forgot it on the set of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, when he spotted the royal and couldn't recall his name. 

"I forget his name but I mean Prince-whatever-his-name-is, but he's a big deal in England you know."

Yes, yes we do know. Long live Prince Whatever-His-Name-Is.


10. Prince Philip Visited the King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Set

In case you were wondering why Prince Philip came up in the first place. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword was filmed partly in Windsor and one day, the queen's husband stopped by.

"He came by and I said, 'Oh, looks like old Queenie's husband and they said, 'Oh no, that's him,'" Hunnam recalled. "We got the royal stamp of approval."

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