Susan Sarandon is not pleased to be at this Democratic National Convention, and she's not even trying to hide it at this point.

The actress was spotted among the thousands in appearance at the first night of the DNC in Philadelphia, and subsequently became a viral GIF on the Internet because of her very candid facial response to what was being said during the event.

Twitter user Richard Reese shared the GIF of Sarandon shaking her head with the caption, "Susan Sarandon ain't having it...," and whaddya know? Sarandon caught wind of the tweet and responded to confirm that she really isn't having it.

"Accurate," the star responded while retweeting the GIF.

Sarandon is a known Democrat and Bernie Sanders supporter, who has criticized Hillary Clinton throughout her campaign, calling her more "dangerous" than Donald Trump, especially following the DNC email leaks.

"That's so disgusting," Sarandon said in an interview with Jordan Chariton of The Young Turks, a popular progressive online network (via The Hill).

"The critical question is, does it matter? Nixon resigned when they broke into the [DNC] headquarters...and now you found out all this tampering went on. What does this really say about us if all of this goes by unattended?"

She went on to explain why she understands voters are so inclined to stick with Sanders or Trump. "A lot of people felt disenfranchised. A lot of people are working so hard and getting nowhere. A lot of people are sick with politics the way it is," she said.

"And Bernie and Trump spoke to those people."

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