Famously Recap Recap: Aubrey O'Day Tells Pauly D She Wants to Be ''Saved'' and His Reaction Is Priceless

Find out how the DJ handles her high expectations!

By Gabi Duncan Jul 27, 2016 3:00 AMTags
Famously Single 107E!

Aubrey O'Day is setting high expectations for Pauly D.

On tonight's all-new episode of Famously Single, the blossoming couple finds themselves at a crossroads when the DJ wants to slow things way down while the former Danity Kane singer is impatiently ready to go all in.

"I don't really have a lot of time for cradling people through their issues," Aubrey says. "I like to be honest and clear and leave it up to the person to change or get out of my energy."

Luckily for them, Dr. Darcy Sterling is there every step of the way to help them navigate the ups and downs of their potential relationship. And elsewhere, everyone finds out about Jessica White and Somaya Reece's hookup and Brandi Glanville and Calum Best begin to reach an understanding.

Here's a recap of the night's biggest moments!

Is Pauly D Falling In Love With Girlfriend Audrey O'Day?

Written in the Cards

While Jessica does a couples' reading on Aubrey and Pauly, she reveals the DumbBlonde singer's deepest desire. "You want to have sex with him," Jess announces. Aubrey is pleased to finally have that little secret out in the open. "Thank you, Jesus, for the cards," she says. "I was hoping that something would shed light on the problem that we are having, which is that we aren't having sex yet!"


Red Flags

After their first fight the previous night, Aubrey meets with Dr. Darcy to discuss her relationship with Pauly and his "insensitive" behavior when he laughed off her serious conversation. "For me, communication is so important," Aubrey tells her. "It got in my heart and I felt stupid. It made me fearful and it's important that I feel safe. I felt like that night was showing me a lot of red flags and I feel very nervous because I just spent two years in a relationship that had many red flags in the beginning and I just did not even acknowledge them and I saw all of them."

After hearing Aubrey's concerns, Dr. Darcy tries to give her some sound advice. "You're dealing with somebody, Aubrey, who has zero relationship experience. His only relationship experience was as a teenager, a very young adult. It's as though he were a decade younger than you."

"Which means, I'm probably a lot for him to handle, he won't ever say that to me," Aubrey interjects. "But I think the jokes are a safe place for him to exist with me because I need a lot. I need depth. I need conversation. I need a lot of things to be satisfied as a woman and I think maybe he's nervous about that."

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Secret Hookup

To everyone's surprise, Dr. Darcy calls out Jessica and Somaya for their secret hookup in a group session. "There was another connection I heard about this morning," she says. Everyone is confused until Somaya confirms their passionate night. "Me and Jessica were sent out to a happy hour," she says. "We started talking and we connected last night—and she's a great kisser. It was a lovely evening: friendship, conversations and massage oil."

You can immediately tell from Willis McGahee's face that he is stunned and dismayed by the news. "The bomb drops," he says. "Somaya and Jess hooked up. I was just shocked."


Sunset Hike

Brandi and Calum take a break from arguing and butting heads to enjoy a romantic sunset hike and picnic together. After reaching the top of the hill, ironically they also reach some common ground with relating to one another. "I just really want my partner, my man, whoever it is, [to] have my f--king back," she tells him. "I haven't had that and I've been burned a lot and it sucks. I want someone to pick me first, I really do."

"I think when Brandi tells me that she's looking for a man that has her back, she's talking that she needs somebody to make her number one," Calum says. "Chemistry or not, I'm the kind of man, now that I've met her, I will have her back forever."


Pump the Brakes

Later, Pauly meets with Dr. Darcy to have a chat because he feels Aubrey is moving way too fast for him. She simply tells Pauly he needs to verbalize what he wants. "Relationships are a dance and we're always negotiating with each other," she tells him. "In relationships, there's usually a maximizer and a minimizer. When the man is the minimizer, in order for the man to be more active, the maximimer needs to calm down a little bit to create the space for the minimizer to come closer."

"That's, like, the situation to a 'T,'" he tells Dr. Darcy. "When you meet someone, why do you have to be their boyfriend immediately? You have to get there, I thought. Because, how do I even know if she's the one for me?"

"Hold tight," she advises Pauly. "Do not be pushed into something that you're not ready for, that simple. You have to pace this."

Brandi Glanville and Calum Best Go on Romantic Hike

Aubrey Issues

When the group heads out for a night on the town, Pauly finally reaches his breaking point with Aubrey and completely checks out while she tries to kiss all over him at the bar. "I don't even care," she tells him. "I'll kiss on you all night long and be rejected. I don't give a f--k."

But he also fails to take Dr. Darcy's advice. Instead, he just shuts down entirely and puts up a wall. "You're never going to find love if you keep shutting down like this," Aubrey tells him. "We have trust issues." Pauly responds, "I don't have trust issues. I have Aubrey issues."


Be My Hero

Since they're still not on the same page, Aubrey and Pauly meet with Dr. Darcy together to get to the root of their "issues." Pauly admits he's not ready to put a label on their relationship just yet because it feels too rushed. But Aubrey isn't comfortable with that. "I feel like I'm going to end up with a person that leaps through dragons and fires to get to me and saves the princess from the tower," she reveals. "I think that I should want that."

"It's not a question of if I want to save you or if I'm hesitating or if I want to be with you," Pauly tells Aubrey. "I do. Talking about [being] saved, you can't save the princess right away, you have to—Donkey Kong, and you have to climb up the ladder to get to the princess. The princess is always in the end. You can't just save her right away. Then, you'll be running with her and fighting everything."


Vroom, Vroom

Pauly takes Aubrey go-karting for the first official date. "This is my first date in a long time and I want it to go super smooth and I want her to have fun," he says. "I'm going to win because that's what I do and I have to show her that I'm dope at it, too." Once they start their engines, Aubrey begins to let loose and just take in the moment. "Pauly and I have so much fun," she admits. "We're like big kids. I finally learned to let go and enjoy myself again and it was a nice feeling."

After their adrenaline rush, the couple sits down for a bite to eat and Pauly explains his intentions. "I feel a major connection, actually," he says. "Like, I feel a real connection, but like I said, in the past all I do is go from zero to 100. I meet a girl, she's in bed, I'm sleeping with her and whatever happens after, it always never amounts to anything. I want to do what I've not been doing because I want a different outcome. I don't want to not talk to you after that."

"I understand that and respect it," Aubrey replies. "You're trying to set a pace for and you're taking leadership in that and I really respect that you're doing that and I think knowing that that's what you're doing that's probably one of the most romantic things you could do."

"Wow! Who knew I was so romantic?" Pauly jokes.

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