Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina Brown

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There's nothing quite like the bond between mother and daughter—the late Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown were a prime example of that kind of unconditional love. 

From Bobbi Kristina's early childhood years spent at her mother's microphone to the tragically similar way they both died, the Grammy winner and her only child shared ties that could never be broken and continue to live on after their untimely passings. 

"Words can't explain how proud I am of her. I've been there with her through everything," a 16-year-old Bobbi Kristina told Oprah Winfrey of her mother in 2009. "I stay by her side. That's like my best friend. That's like my sister."

Today, on the one-year anniversary of Bobbi Kristina's death in hospice care following nearly seven months in a coma, their mother-daughter bond seems more touching than ever. 

Fortunately, in the advent of social media, family, friends and adoring fans can celebrate both women's lives through the public moments they shared together, now permanently imprinted in American culture. Here's a walk down memory lane to relive some of those cherished memories. 

Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, Bobbi Kristina Brown

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While she was still just an infant, Bobbi Kristina was already enjoying the perks of celebrity life, attending the 1994 American Music Awards where mom Whitney took home eight awards. During one of her acceptance speeches throughout the night, Houston famously brought her daughter up to the podium with her.

The baby showed an early penchant for the mic, comically grabbing at it while Whitney tried to address the crowd. 

As the only child of one of the music industry's most famous couples, Bobbi Kristina was inevitably in the spotlight from the time she was a toddler. At just four years old, a shy and curious Bobbi Kristina graced the red carpet in the arms of her father Bobby Brown as mom Whitney told E! News about the importance of encouraging children to follow their dreams. 

Befitting of the daughter of music royalty, Bobbi Kristina made her vocal debut on Whitney's hit 1998 track, "My Love Is Your Love." In the final moments of the song, Bobbi Kristina can be heard singing, "Clap your hands." The toddler would often appear on stage with her mother whenever she performed the song on tour. 

When Whitney gave her first interview in seven years to Winfrey in 2009, Bobbi Kristina was never too far away. The then-teenager was seated proudly in the audience, ready to sing her mother's praises when Oprah turned the mic to her. 

Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina Brown

ABC/ Ida Mae Astute

That same year, the mother-daughter duo rekindled their musical magic for the public when they performed "My Love Is Your Love" once again, only this time it was during a comeback concert on Good Morning America and Bobbi Kristina had grown into a teenager, showing off her adult vocal chops for the first time. 

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