Usher, Sheryl Crow and More Stars Sing to Demand That Politicians Stop Using Their Songs

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver gives musicians a platform to send a message

By Francesca Bacardi Jul 25, 2016 12:43 PMTags
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Singers have had enough of politicians using their music without asking for permission.

John Oliver gathered a group of famous musicians to appear in a "Don't Use Our Song" clip that gave politicians a clear message: stop using their music at political conventions. The British host opened the segment by discussing Donald Trump's unauthorized use of a Queen song and elaborated on other politicians who have used iconic music for introductions or celebrations.

The clip's new, catchy tune included Usher, Sheryl Crow, Josh Groban, Cyndi Lauper and more. "But we notice something's wrong and it's gone on way too long / So we're asking you right now stop using our songs," Usher crooned.

Lauper also joined in and made it clear, "Stop using our music that's our one and only rule."

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The song referenced specific moments that take place during the national conventions, including a "sarcastic amount" of balloons falling, turning on confetti machines and laser shows. "Stop using our music that's on our one and only rule / We didn't write these songs to make your campaign stops look cool," the group continued.

The chorus had all the musicians band together to drive their point home: "Don't use our song because it used it wrong / It might seem appealing but you're just stealing Don't just use our song it just seems wrong / By the time this tune is through you'll be lucky if we don't sue."

Oliver's song wasn't without its jokes, though. Groban provided some comic relief when he sang a pointed lyric about streaming services. "If I wanted to sing and not get paid I'd be on Spotify," Groban crooned.

And if somehow politicians missed the memo, the group added one last message: "Just to be clearer / You can't use this song either."

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