Justin Timberlake Can't Get Enough of the Carlton: Watch His Dance Break With Alfonso Ribeiro and Stephen Curry

The singer joined the former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor and basketball player

By Samantha Schnurr Jul 25, 2016 12:21 PMTags

Justin Timberlake can't stop that fresh prince feeling. 

The Grammy winner may have a slight obsession with the Carlton dance from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air considering it's his recurring move during golf events. Saturday in Lake Tahoe, Timberlake, actor Alfonso Ribeiro and basketball pro Stephen Curry dropped their golf clubs for a brief dance break, recreating the groove made famous by Ribeiro in the early '90s for the crowd at the American Century Championship. 

Fortunately, the impromptu show didn't stop there. Next, the trio took on the moves from the Jones' BBQ and Foot Massage commercial, for which they have to hold their arms out and alternate stepping in front of themselves at a diagonal. If there was ever a more perfect time for social media, NBC Sports Network captured both routines in GIFs and shared them on Twitter for all to enjoy. 

While their moves were on par, they didn't all come out on top of the leaderboard. Ribeiro ultimately placed ahead of the pack in the 13th spot while Timberlake was in 21st place and Curry tied for 27th place. 

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It was a reunion performance for Timberlake and Ribeiro as they performed the dance at the American Century Championship a year ago in July 2015 and then again in February at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am Golf Tournament in Calif. 

Timberlake looked like he was having a ball and affirmed his fun on Twitter. "What a weekend, Tahoe," he wrote along with a photo of himself fist-bumping Curry. However, while the performance was a sight to see, it seems one of Justin's young fans may have just stole his thunder. 

A mom shared a photo of her toddler on Twitter after trying to get the pop star's attention at the tournament. She photographed her son wearing a black tank top that read, "Suit & Tie." "We couldn't get @jtimberlake's attention at the tournement, maybe we can get him to see Mason's shirt on here." The photo was retweeted by Timberlake and currently sits at the top of his Twitter feed. Looks like he spotted you, little Mason!

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