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Not to shatter the illusion, but being a celeb is a full-time beauty commitment.

Even down-to-earth VIPs like Anna Kendrick and Miranda Kerr who seem totally low-maintenance, actually have a very regimented skin-care routine. From extravagant facials to non-invasive lasers to insta-famous fillers, most celebs have their facialists, dermatologists and aestheticians on speed dial. You might think you're set with your once-monthly facial, but by Hollywood's standards, there's so much you're not doing.

Since knowledge is power (and because we're slightly obsessed), we went straight to the source and asked all the top experts to share their most popular celeb beauty treatments. 

The Treatment: Ildi Pekar's Boost Facial

The Celeb Fans: Miranda Kerr, Irina Shayk, Lindsay Elligson

The Details: Pretty much anything that includes a blast of Hyaluronic Acid is gold in our book, and this supercharged facial is no exception. This celeb treatment uses nano-technology to pump the product deep into your skin. The results? A firm, plump face—no injections necessary.

The Damage: $420

ESC: Facial Treatments

The Treatment: Dr. Patricia Wexler's The Top-Off Lift

The Celeb Fans: Undisclosed

The Details: Maintenance is key when it comes to looking (and feeling) youthful. By letting the celeb doc inject just a touch of filler (such as Restylane) right under the muscles along the jawline, lateral cheeks and temples, you'll wind up with an instant neck lift. That plus a little more around the corners of the mouth, the naso-labial folds and the cheeks will perk up your tired face. Bonus: No down time. 

The Damage: $950

ESC: Facial Treatments

The Treatment: Nurse Jamie Plump and Tight Package

The Celeb Fans: Undisclosed

The Details: Nurse Jamie is pretty tight with the Hollywood set, so what she says goes. The treatment, which couples her famed baby drop™ filler ($500 a syringe) with a Near Infrared Skin Tightening laser ($250 a session), is the ideal pre-event pick-me-up. There's no bruising and you'll look instantly younger for your day-of event. And if you're feeling extra: The pro recommends her take-home Uplift Facial Firming Beauty Tool (Khloe Kardashian is a fan) to primp your face on the go.

The Damage: $750

ESC: Facial Treatments

The Treatment: OxyLight Facial performed by Licensed Aesthetician, Edyta Jarosz of the Fifth Avenue Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center

The Celeb Fans: Sofia Vergara

The Details: A little birdie told us that this is the exact facial Sofia got to help prep her skin for her wedding (so naturally we're sold). There's not one thing missing here, (we're talking LED lights, oxygen, micro-current stimulation, oxygen therapy, diamond microdermabrasion and ultrasound). Basically, you'll be left with lifted, tightened and clarified skin after just one treatment. 

The Damage: $500 

ESC: Facial Treatments

The Treatment: Kate Somerville Laser Genesis

The Celeb Fans: Anna Kendrick

The Details: You know what we love most about this effective zapping treatment? It's a top-of-the-line laser that pretty much addresses every single blemish concern under the sun. Whether you're in it for the anti–aging benefits (it decreases pore size and fine lines), rosacea or even acne scar annihilation, consider it money well spent. It's also extra-gentle (read: pain-free).

The Damage: $420

ESC: Facial Treatments

The Treatment: Renee Rouleau's Synergy 3 Facial

The Celeb Fans: Demi Lovato, Emma Roberts Constance Zimmer

The Details: Like the celebs, we're short on time, always, so we can appreciate a one-shop-stop treatment that combines three services into one. The Synergy 3 starts with a deep cleansing ultrasonic exfoliation, a resurfacing micropeel and finishes up with an age-defying peptide & Vitamin C complex-firming treatment that's sure to leave your skin better than when you started. 

The Damage: $325

ESC: Facial Treatments

The Treatment: Gina Mari's On the GLOW

The Celeb Fans: Famke Janssen, Lori Loughlin

The Details: Not to get to science-y on you, but this treatment (the most expensive on the list) is the perfect blend of science, technology and pampering. The layered appointment consists of an initial skin-clarifying laser followed by a nourishing vitamin and oxygen therapy, not to mention calming blue LED lights. Confession: We're mostly excited about the last part—the cooling cryo facial.

The Damage: $1,000

ESC: Facial Treatments

The Treatment: Exhale's Magic Facial

The Celeb Fans: Undisclosed

The Details: Do you believe in magic? You just might after experiencing this facial that addresses your most delicate areas (eye, lip, neck and décolleté). Let's just say it uses high-energy sound waves to push super-antioxidants deep into the skin.

The Damage: $380

ESC: Facial Treatments

The Treatment: Joanna Vargas' Forever Facial

The Celeb Fans: Julianne Moore, Karlie Kloss, Kate Bosworth Jenna Dewan

The Details: This vitamin-C based facial uses radio frequency technology to treat four main sections of the face: crows feet and under eye, the jaw and cheek area, the chin, mouth and upper lip and, lastly, the neck. You'll see instantly tighter skin, but worth the wait is the final cleansing portion: a vitamin C face wash and a vitamin-spiked oxygen treatment.

The Damage: $700 (with Joanna Vargas) 

ESC: Facial Treatments

The Treatment: Shani Darden's Facial

The Celeb Fans: Jessica Alba, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

The Details: Shani isn't into tricks and that's probably why her celeb clientele is so loyal. Her signature facial includes a cleanse, peel, extraction and restorative mask—nothing out of the ordinary. What makes it different (and so effective) is her addition of Color Light Therapy which boosts collagen and treats acne.

The Damage: $300

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