8 Times Jon Stewart Returned to TV After Leaving The Daily Show and Why It's Always So Awesome

Stewart appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert this week, marking the latest in several cameos

By Corinne Heller Jul 22, 2016 6:23 PMTags
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Jon Stewart may have said goodbye to The Daily Show, but he hasn't disappeared from TV entirely, thank goodness.

The now-scruffy star signed off as host of the Comedy Central political satire series last August after 16 years—and 22 Emmys—and has since made several spectacular cameos on the small screen, most recently on Thursday, on his old friend's The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Thursday.

Stewart, who serves as an executive producer of the CBS series, offered his trademark political commentary on the 2016 presidential election—commentary his fans had wished to hear for months. And as always, he and Colbert also showcased great chemistry, which is a treat to watch.

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Other notable TV appearances include spots on, yes, The Daily Show, as well as WWE SummerSlam and Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, hosted by a former Daily Show correspondent.

Watch clips of Stewart's post-Daily Show finale TV cameos below: 

1. WWE SummerSlam: Weeks after leaving The Daily Show, Stewart delighted fans by hosting the pay-per-view wrestling event at Brooklyn's Barclays Center, where he was confronted by John Cena, who had some beef with him...and someone got smashed with a chair.

2. The Daily Show Return: In December 2015, months after his departure from the show, Stewart returned as a surprise guest and used the opportunity to promote a great cause; the renewal of the Zadroga Act, which provides health care to 9/11 first responders. A video of him attempting to talk to senators about the issue was also screened.

3. Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: In June, Stewart made a cameo on the former Daily Show correspondent's satirical TBS series. In a videotaped segment, Samantha Bee teased him about his post-Daily Show life and asked him for advice about how to handle...a white miniature pony. Adorable! Stewart also made a joke about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

4. The Late Show With Stephen Colbert—Part 1: In September 2015, a month after leaving The Daily Show, Stewart made his first cameo on the CBS series during Stephen Colbert's debut, appearing as a baseball umpire in a videotaped segment showing the new host singing the national anthem. Yes! Play ball!

5. The Late Show With Stephen Colbert—Part 2: A month later, Stewart returned to Colbert's series, making an appearance in a video about his pal's pre-show rituals and offering him some sound advice.

6. The Late Show With Stephen Colbert—Part 3: Stewart also appeared on Colbert's show in December 2015, crashing the host's monologue as he told a Trump joke and using the opportunity to raise awareness for a Congress vote on the Zadroga Act, a cause he championed earlier in the year. The bill was passed a week later.

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7. The Late Show With Stephen Colbert—Part 4: Stewart appeared on Colbert's series earlier this week after the show began its two-week run of live broadcasts in honor of the Republican and Democratic national conventions.

His return followed a Late Show production shakeup made amid lackluster ratings and also coincided with a major comeback by Stephen Colbert. No, not host Stephen Colbert. Stephen Colbert, Stephen Colbert. The man fans have missed since he left The Colbert Report. Nation!

On Monday, Stewart appeared in a videotaped segment, Colbert reaches out to Stewart, who pretends to be living in a remote cabin in the woods, to discuss the Republicans and Trump's candidacy.

8. The Late Show With Stephen Colbert—Part 5: Stewart appeared on Colbert's show in person Thursday, popping up from under his desk. After the two enjoyed an off-camera laugh about Fox News CEO and Chairman Roger Ailes' departure from the cable network they have mocked heavily for years, Stewart received permission from the host to take his seat.

He then proceeded to unleash a much-anticipated, scathing commentary about the 2016 presidential election, Trump—who gave his anticipated speech at the Republican National Convention that day, and his supporters.

Trump also focused on the seemingly inconsistent opinions right-leaning Fox News personality Sean Hannity, who he dubbed "Lumpy," has voiced about the behaviors of the candidate and of Democratic leader and President Barack Obama.

During the segment, Stewart invoked the power of CBS' censors once and almost did so again until Colbert brought out his trusty air horn.

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