Blind Vice, Awful Truth

Crescent Kumquat sure has many swooning ladies—and drooling gents—wondering which way this young hunk swings. His precious looks seem far too well-groomed to be that of a sports-watchin', belch-providin', crotch-grabbin' hetero fella (well, his crotch, at least).

We've heard many stories of Cres' femme conquests, raunchy, watery and fairly athletic hookups to be exact. But even Toothy Tile's been known to dabble in dames from time to time, if that says anything about Cres-Cres' not-so-straight ways. And if Mr. Kumquat's more frequent nightly habits are at all telling, we've got bad news for the horny-for-Crescent gals out there:

See, Cres loves to go out and party. Yeah, so what, who doesn't at his age? A few drinks turn into a lot more, and before ya know it, dude's libido leads him every which way—par-tick to the bedroom, or whatever comfy surface he can park his luscious, long...limbs on.

Often with a bunch of like-minded (and beautifully skinned) boys 'n' girls. But guess what? Despite C.K.'s female kiss capades with other gals of his status, Kumquat's often found after these debauched nights out waking up in the arms of his "very close" guy friends. Spooning. Friggin' entwined, folks. In front of the gals he was supposedly getting all debauched with the night before.

This certainly is as telling and de-lish a plot development as Crescent's day job churns out, I'll tell ya that much.

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