Hiddleswift is the talk of the town, and Celebtown is no exception.

Karl Urban, Simon Pegg and Idris Elba recently weighed in on Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's captivating romance, the Star Trek Beyond co-stars having plenty to say about the new couple.

Urban, who will co-star with Hiddleston in Thor: Ragnarok, told E! News at the Star Trek junket that although he hasn't met Swift yet, the pair "make a cute couple."

He added that if Hiddleston is picked to succeed Daniel Craig as James Bond, their relationship will become an even bigger deal (if that's possible).

"If he does become James Bond that's like next level," he said. "That whole thing is going to blow up."

Pegg says he loves the Hiddleswift couple name. "I'm always saying it," he laughed. "I can't get enough of that business."

He continued, joking about their quirky relationship, "I've got an I love T.S. T-shirt as well. [But] they didn't photograph me when I was swimming in the sea with it."

Pegg added, "If they get married then she'll be Taylor Hiddleston, which sounds like a character from a Dickens novel."

Yowza! Pegg pulled out the M-word. But let's face it—"Taylor Hiddleston" has gone through everyone's mind at least once in the past month.

E! News wanted to know, meanwhile, what Idris Elba, accused of playing matchmaker for Hiddleswift at the 2016 Met Gala, really thinks about the dynamic duo.

"Me? No," Elba reiterated with a laugh as to whether he set them up, chatting with E! News at the walk-through for the launch of his new menswear line, Idris Elba X Superdry. But he added that he thinks Taylor, who he co-chaired the Met Gala with this year, is "great" and "a lot of fun."

See what else Urban, Pegg and Elba had to say in the videos!

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