Twins really are something else—just ask Zoe Saldana!

The Star Trek Beyond star and husband Marco Perego are the proud parents to identical twins Bowie and Cy—or as the boys like to call each other, Cy and Cy.

"There's no Bowie," Zoe told E! News' Carissa Loethen laughingly. "They call each other Cy! We're like, 'You're Cy, and that's Bowie,' and they're like, 'Cy?'"

The 20-month-old boys don't only share a name, either. "They have a great deal of empathy for each other," Zoe gushed. "That's something my husband and I are seeing and it makes us so happy, because that thoughtfulness of if they hear the other cry...or if the other one leaves the vicinity that one is in, immediately it's like they perk up, and they're like, 'Cy?' and they walk and they have to find each other. Then once they find each other, you think they're gonna hug, they're gonna kiss—no. They find each other and they just cross [and keep walking], and sit on opposite sides of the room, but check each other out."

Bowie and Cy "let us know that they are identical" in many ways, Zoe says, adding with a chuckle, "They do a lot of physical things that kind of freak us out!"

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And both Zoe and Marco are fascinated by how in-tune their baby boys are with each other. "It's like we wake up to go to a children's museum, and the kids are the subjects," the actress said. "That's all we do, is just observe them."

For more from Zoe on motherhood, movies and much more, watch the videos above. Plus, make sure to catch Star Trek Beyond in theaters now.

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