Nick Cannon on the Most ''F--ked Up'' Part About His Amicable Divorce From Mariah Carey

Rapper opens up about his split from the singer

By Kendall Fisher Jul 18, 2016 6:51 PMTags
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Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey continue to prove their split has been quite amicable, often spending holidays and big events together with their twin children, Moroccan and Monroe

However, the America's Got Talent host still has one major issue with their split: "visitation."

During an interview on The Howard Stern Show on Monday, Cannon said one of the most "f--ked up" parts of the whole thing is that spending time with his children now has the label of "visitation" attached to it, which he doesn't feel is very fair to himself or other fathers in similar situations.

"It's kind of f--ked up when time with your kids is considered visitations," he said. "It's unfair to the fathers in the situation. I'm just keeping it real...That's pain, right there."

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But wording aside, Nick still enjoys all the time he gets with his kids. Despite his busy schedule, the rapper sets everything aside when they come over.

"Everything shuts down when I'm with my kids," he explained. "It's their time [and] my house is like a big fun house. I have a candy store and slides...We're just playing the whole time. But I'm also the most stern.  I'm the disciplinarian, 100-percent. They know dad don't play."

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Their kids are the main reason why Nick and Mariah's split has remained as peaceful as it has. The actor will be the first to remind everyone that there's no bad blood between them, despite the long process of the divorce.

The former couple is legally separated, but they are still married, which has caused some people to question Mariah's engagement to billionaire businessman James Packer.

"Mariah and I are super cool. We talk every day," he promised, before joking that he's a "recurring character in the sitcom" when he comes knocking at their door to pick up the kids.

As for Mariah moving on, Nick reiterated the same point he's made all along: "To see her happy is outstanding. I love it!"

"I salute them. I respect it," he added, before going on to joke, "I wish all my exes [found] billionaires!"

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