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As the late Maya Angelou once said, "Forgiveness is the greatest gift you can give yourself." So, with that in mind, Kristen Wiig and Seth Meyers decided it was time to work out their differences on NBC's Late Night Thursday. "Kristen, we have been friends for a very long time," he said. "And sometimes when you have such a long and close relationship with someone there are moments when feelings get hurt...So, I thought with the time we have together right now, we would make amends for any past indiscretions we've committed against once another."

Meyers' offenses seemed relatively minor in comparison to the things Wiig has done to him. "Kristen, I am sorry for not responding to your recent e-mail right away. It took me a couple of days because I was on vacation," the 42-year-old TV host said. Later, he told the 42-year-old Ghostbusters actress, "I am sorry for cancelling dinner last-minute this week. My son got sick and he was having trouble getting to sleep. I know we planned it for a while, and I am sorry."

Wiig forgave him for both wrongdoings. "Seth, I am sorry because even though I have known you for 10 years, I always thought your last name was spelled M-I-Y-E-R-R-H-Z-Z-Z. And, also I didn't know that your first name is Seth," she said, adding that she thought his name was Beth. Later, she said, "Seth, I'm sorry for the time I sold your name to a Japanese energy drink that claims to cure male impotence. I had no reason to do this. I just wanted to see if I could pull it off. If you ever go to Japan, you will be known as Inpotensu O toko. It means Impotence Man."

Meyers let Wiig off the hook before apologizing for another transgression. "Kristen, I am sorry about that time I was over at your house and I didn't use a coaster while we had drinks," he said. "Do you forgive me?" Wiig was clearly still fuming from the incident. "The coasters were right there," she said. "This is a tough one for me." To Meyers' relief, Wiig said she forgave him.

Wiig also apologized for "secretly dosing" Meyers with LSD. "I thought sending you on a psychedelic journey would be really funny," she said. Meyers didn't find it funny at all, though. "My son's face transformed into Larry King's face," he told Wiig. "Do you think that's funny?"

In fact, Wiig called it a "very funny" trick. "A baby with old man face wearing suspenders? I actually don't think there's anything funnier. I did it as a prank, but maybe you don't see it like that. Everyone thinks it's funny," the actress said. "I've done this to hundreds of my friends."

"Are you even asking for my forgiveness?" Meyers asked.

After pausing for a moment to think, Wiig said, "Mmm...yeah? Your turn, Seth. Wait, I'm sorry—are you going to apologize for the time you broke into my dressing room at SNL and stole my favorite headphones?" she asked. Meyers denied doing that, but Wiig didn't believe him. "Oh yeah? Then why do you have those white headphones that look exactly like mine?"

"Those are Apple headphones," Meyers said. "Everyone has those."

"How convenient, Seth," Wiig said.

"Isn't it possible you just lost them?" Meyers asked.

"It is 100 percent impossible," said Wiig, who ended up receiving an apology from Meyers anyway. "Seth, you are forgiven. But I will see you in headphone court—and that is a real thing." Wiig then said she was sorry "for the time I squirted you in the face with a water gun." The comment caught Meyers off-guard. "Wait, I don't think you ever squirted me in the face with a water—" he said as Wiig sprayed him in the face. "Why did you just do that?" he asked.

"The coasters were right next the glasses!" Wiig said. "They were on the table!"

"You're right," Meyers said. "And I did steal your headphones!"

Wiig replied, "I knew it!"

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