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Dear sweet heavens, Bill Murrayhas done it again.

We should really all stop being surprised every time the Ghostbusters actor reminds us how outrageous he is, because after decades in the spotlight he's proven that he is the master of wackiness. But yet, somehow, we find ourselves constantly giving the guy the slow clap. Whether he's showing up for an amazing cameo in the Ghostbusters remake, inviting himself along on somebody else's bachelor party or just wearing a fabulously flamboyant suit, the guy does not disappoint. 

And now, we have a new occasion of Bill Murrayness to celebrate. 

Over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, George Clooney and his wife Amal had a star-studded gathering at their infamous Lake Como home. The rich and famous hobnobbed together, snacking, laughing, drinking Casamigos Tequila and presumably discussing how cool it is to be there in Lake Como with their Casamigos Tequila. (Seriously, we can't forget about the Casamigos Tequila). 

At some point a few of the A-listers in attendance gathered to watch the evening's fireworks, which is the moment when one lucky photographer managed to snap a picture of George, Amal, Casamigos and Bill Murray. They snuggled together on the bow of a (presumably very expensive) boat and marveled at the beautiful light show happening in the sky. And through all of that, Mr. Bill Murray was proudly wearing a shirt that says "George Clooney is a Beautiful Man."

That's right, Bill Murray attended a party at George Clooney's house, sat on a boat with George Clooney, all while wearing a George Clooney shirt. This man is a legend! There is surely no other human on this planet who could get away with such a tongue-in-cheek, self-aware moment, and receive the all-clear from the Big Cloon himself. It's impressive enough that he handled being the third wheel so gracefully, but to add this tee into the mix? That's the kind of move that will go down in history. 

We're not sure if anyone else at the party was wearing the shirt, if George owns his own version, or if there exists a version tailored to one Mrs. Clooney, but does it really matter? We don't know what George, Amal and Bill talked about, we don't know if they used limes with their Casamigos, and we certainly don't know if Bill stayed in his T-shirt for multiple days. We are at peace with this. Despite all of our lingering questions, what matters most in this universe is that Bill Murray has done the unimaginable. 

We salute you, Bill.

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