'Every Outfit On Sex and the City ' Is the Only Instagram You Need to Follow Today

'90s outfit madness

By Dominique Haikel Jul 13, 2016 8:04 PMTags
Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex and the CityHBO

Today's mood has improved significantly now that we know about the existence of this beautifully nostalgic Sex and the City Instagram. 'Every Outfit on Sex and the City' is an epic ode to the fabulous clothing worn by the cast of the show. We always thought Carrie was the most creative with her outfits, but it turns out (judging from these posts) Samantha might have been the true fashion pioneer here. Case in point: that beekeeper turned funeral-chic hat she wore after her disastrous chemical peel. Heaven sent us an angel. 

The account is described as "A quest to document every outfit on Sex and the City from the twisted minds of @female_trouble & @laurengarroni. Bless these humans. They know exactly how we want to spend our free time. 

From diamond-covered bras to bucket hats, overalls to afros (before cultural appropriation was a hot topic, we guess?), the ladies covered any and every trend (and fail) known to the fashion community. Let's take a moment of silence to appreciate the enchanting looks of SATC's past. Does anyone else have tears in their eyes looking at that belt-over-stomach pic? 

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