Snoop Dogg, Family Fued


There isn't a single contestant we'd like to see on Family Feud more than Snoop Dogg. Let's just be honest with ourselves. The only time we're ever watching this show is because we're sick and haven't gotten out of bed all day, or we've been sitting in a dentist's office watching a marathon of reruns. Who better to bring us joy in these dismal moments than Snoop on Family Feud. A master at all questions of the marijuana variety, Snoop killed it with his answers, officially winning money for his football league. 

His answers along the way were nothing short of hilarious, including completing the phrase "pie in the sky" with "pie in the horse." Killin' it. We also loved when asked to guess the weight of a woman's purse, he said 3 pounds. We cackled internally when he found out the answer was 8. Watch the rest before we accidentally ruin it for you. If you need to take a break and smile today, this is how you should do it. 


Snoop's Rides

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