9 Wild Things We Learned About the Ghostbusters Movie and Its Cast From the Facebook Live Q&A

Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon answered fans' questions

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If you've seen the original Ghostbusters, you might think that you know everything there is to know about the reboot. But the cast is here to tell you that while there are certainly things in common with the original—ghosts, obviously—there is more to the reboot than meets the eye.

E! News' Marc Malkin sat down with some of the cast of the new Ghostbusters movie, Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones, as well as director Paul Feig, screenwriter Katie Dippold and producer Ivan Reitman, for a live Q&A on Facebook, and the men and women revealed a ton of fun facts about the movie, themselves and more.

Here are 9 things we learned from the Ghostbusters live Q&A:

1. Melissa McCarthy debated hazing Leslie Jones by adding weight in small increments to her pack. Jones admitted she continuously complained how heavy the packs were without any weight, so the Bridesmaids actress thought this would be a good prank. She didn't end up doing it, though, because she didn't want to be caught being the cause of any future back pain Jones might experience.

2. Kate McKinnon is a "secret" scientist in real life. Although the SNL star plays one onscreen, it turns out she has a real passion for the subject in reality. Her co-stars revealed that she built an alarm system using a soldering kit. "I was bored one weekend," McKinnon quipped.

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3. None of them could name their favorite cameos (spoiler: there are tons). "that's too Sophie's Choice," McCarthy joked.

4. Chris Hemsworth apparently is good at everything. The action star dives into comedy in the reboot, and his co-stars couldn't believe just how awesome he was. It turns out he's a phenomenal dancer and even a great singer. "It's too much!" McCarthy said of her hunky co-star. "You can't do everything that well."

5. The women feel empowered to be part of something so important to society. "Every time we put something out in the world where I think [my daughters] can see themselves and they won't even have the realization of, 'Why wouldn't it be me? Why wouldn't I be the ghostbuster?' I think that's such an incredibly important thing," McCarthy answered when asked how she feels about having her children see her be a leader. "I think it's incredibly impactful. It's a testament to how Paul sees the world."

6. Feig and his stars have plenty of ideas about whom they'd haunt if they were ghosts. The director chose "every troll on the Internet"; Mckinnon joked she'd use her invisibility to audit adult education courses to "learn new skills"; and Jones chose Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson because she is into him (aren't we all?!). "You better hope I don't die, Dwayne," she quipped.

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7. In addition to haunting people, the cast weighed in on what shape they'd take if they actually were ghosts. McCarthy said she'd be a tabby cat, while Jones admitted she'd be hummus because ghosts "love" the food. "As soon as people dip their carrot into the hummus, I'd scream, 'AH!'"

8. The green slime was nearly impossible to get off because it would "double" with water. McCarthy admitted that it just "keeps growing" if it got wet.

9. We can expect a sequel "soon," according to Reitman, who made sure to add that the first reboot took "only" 20 years LOL.

Ghostbusters hits theaters July 15, 2016.

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