This Oprah Winfrey "I Love Bread" Meme Almost Rivals Her "You Get a Car" Glory

Media mogul certainly does her part to liven up the world wide web

By Rebecca Macatee Jul 07, 2016 7:55 PMTags
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Oprah Winfrey is all of us.

Well, her empire probably trumps all of our résumés combined, but guess what? Even the most successful of media moguls has struggled with her weight (hello mega-bucks partnership with Weight Watchers!) and just like so many of us, Oprah loves her some bread. 

Our collective adoration for carbohydrates isn't necessarily good for the waistline, but it sure as heck benefits O's bank account. Earlier this year, Oprah earned a reported $12 million for tweeting about her love of bread. This major money-making post included a 30-second Weight Watchers ad in which the queen herself passionately exclaimed, "I looooooove bread. I love bread!"

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Don't we all? Anyway, Oprah's not-so-secret affinity for the starchy stuff got the proper meme treatment months ago, but a newer variation of it is currently bringing even more LOLs. As you can see from this Vine, Oprah's carb-craving clip appears to have been processed via Snapchat so that her entire face is peering out through a slice of bread. Think it's whole grain?

Really, though, nobody minds being a meme when they're making that much dough! Besides, this wasn't Oprah's first rodeo with the wild wild web. Remember back in 2004 when she gave every audience member at The Oprah Winfrey Show a brand new car?!

OWN, YouTube

"You get a car! You get a car! You get a car!"

OWN, YouTube

It was insanity! 

That one's had 12 years to play out (props to all the meme-makers subbing in bees, babies, beer and beyond in place of car), but we still can't get enough of that celebratory GIF above. 

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Another meme-worthy Oprah moment took place in 2005—the Tom Cruise jumping-on-the-couch-over-his-love-for-Katie-Holmes incident. O was really just a bystander to all of that, but without her, we would've never witnessed that level of...excitement.

Harpo Productions / CBS Television Distribution

It seems almost meta now, doesn't it?

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Then there's the meme-worthy Oprah-ism that occurs pretty much time she every time she sees John Travolta—or as she would say, "John Travooooltaaaaaaa!" 

Their chemistry is uncanny, but we must say, Oprah, you never cease to entertain.

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