Olivia Wilde, 2016 CFDA Fashion Awards


Can Olivia Wilde just raise our kids for us? Girl's got this all figured out.

The 32-year-old actress, who has an energetic toddler and another baby on the way with fiancé Jason Sudeikis, talks parenting and pregnancy in an interview with Yahoo! Beauty. Here's what we learned:

1. Her new baby will grow up in an open-minded, judgment-free home. "I hope to raise a child who values people for what's within them, and yet I hope he experiments with his own identity and who he wants to be," Olivia says. "I look forward to helping him feel that type of confidence growing up ... I'm grateful now that my parents let me go through my own process of self-discovery, and I think you can't restrict kids in that way. They have to make mistakes, play, and then figure it out in the end."

2. The baby will be raised with feminist values, just like her son. "I like to think he's already a little feminist," Olivia says, referring to her 2-year-old son Otis. "And he is. I want to promote the idea that the definition of feminism is equality, and it's something that's not difficult to teach children because they are born with that sensibility. They are only taught to separate people and value them differently once they get older. Luckily, I'm just embracing the perspective he was born with."

3. She'll continue to breastfeed in public. Olivia became the "face" of public breastfeeding in 2014 after a hotly-debated photo shoot with Glamour. "That photo shoot came out of a very organic moment of having to feed my son because it was just my choice to breastfeed," she says.

4 ...but she passionately defends women's rights to make their own breastfeeding decisions. "It should be every individual woman's choice what she wants to do. But once she makes that choice, she should be publicly permitted to do that in whatever way she needs to," Olivia says. "Certainly there should be no pressure on women to breastfeed...I did not in any way intend to shame women who had chosen not to breastfeed for whatever reason. It's a complex issue, but the one thing that's not complex is that people should be allowed to breastfeed wherever they want, whenever they want."

5. She wants to stay fit but isn't being too hard on herself. "I'm pretty active just running after my son and hanging out with him," Olivia admits. "I try also as a pregnant person to stay limber and relax. Honestly, I've been pretty lazy this time around. You have to be forgiving of yourself and realize you are doing something and working hard building a little human."

6. She's got cravings, but she's trying to curb 'em. "One of my weaknesses is that I love Coca-Cola," the star confesses. "A terrible thing that I love, but that's something that I'll cut out. I'm making baby steps toward a healthy lifestyle this time around."

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