Wilmer Valderrama Doing ''Great'' After Demi Lovato Breakup: ''This Year Has Been Explosive and Fun''

Actor opens up about his new endeavors after the split

By Beth Sobol, Kendall Fisher Jul 07, 2016 6:23 PMTags
Wilmer Valderrama, Demi LovatoJohn Shearer/Invision/AP

Despite a surprising split from longtime girlfriend Demi Lovato last month, Wilmer Valderrama is moving forward in his life and focusing more than ever on progressing his career.

E! News caught up with the 36-year-old actor at an event for his partnership with Old Spice's Right Hair Wrongs campaign and chatted with him about life after Demi.

"[I'm] good, very good," he told us. "It's been a great summer for work, I've done some incredible things."

Wilmer has not only partnered with Old Spice, but he also just landed a new role on NCIS, leading next to Mark Harmon.

"This year has become a really interesting journey already," he admitted. "To be signed onto something so incredible like NCIS and have a couple of movies in the works and producing all the other stuff that I'm doing and this partnership which is so fun...So far this year has been explosive and fun."

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Wilmer couldn't help but continue to express his excitement over joining NCIS. "It's going to be super exciting and fun to join that ongoing train of goodness," he said. "So many people love the show. I'm proud to be creating a new character."

That's also why he's stoked to be working with Old Spice, too.  "One of the reasons this partnership makes so much sense is that every character I create has a different weird look," he explained. "From the villain to the cop to the solider. I've been able to use the products  to create a different tool for each character."

Before he jumps right back into more work, he did tell us that he finally got to enjoy the Fourth of July from the comfort of his own home over the weekend.

"I've been working in so many locations over the last year and a half and it was refreshing to be in LA and finally be in my pool," he revealed. "That was really exciting. I got to catch up with my family—I hadn't seen them in about six months because it's been so busy. So that was great."

And speaking of family, he's also about to be a new uncle (again!) to Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's second baby! "I mean, it's awesome!" he gushed. "I'm Uncle Wilmer already, so I guess I'm Uncle Will 2!" 

So cute!

—Reporting by Beth Sobol.

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