Ten Years Later, How Well Does The Devil Wears Prada's Style Really Hold Up?

How awesome was Runway, really?

By Seija Rankin Jun 30, 2016 1:00 PMTags
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Florals, for spring? Groundbreaking

Or how about By all means, move at a glacial pace. Or just That's all.

Yes, the many fantastic catch phrases from The Devil Wears Prada are timeless. They, much like florals but unlike cerulean, will never go out of style. Miranda Priestly is, for lack of a better phrase, one bad bitch, and her many one-liners deserve to be frozen in time.

Even though the now-legendary movie is ten years old today, there's so much of the story that still rings true—having a boss who's a bit of a nightmare, feeling like you'll never fit in at work, or even just realizing you have no idea how to walk a giant St. Bernard. But there's one aspect of The Devil Wears Prada that might not be as classic as misspelling Gabbana: The fashion.

Sure, back in 2006 the team at Runway was the the rage, outfit-wise. Andy Sachs' (a.k.a. Anne Hathaway, of course) big mid-movie makeover was all the rage. She looked fantastic! We all wanted to be her, but more important, we wanted to dress like her—fancy coats, leather pants, whatever that hat thing was. So it's with both great excitement and great trepidation that we take this journey back to all of her iconic 'fits to see what we really think of them ten years later.

Will they hold up? Will we be terribly embarrassed for our former selves? You'll have to scroll to find out.

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Green With (only a little bit of) Envy

Andy is really working it here. She is clearly walking through the streets of New York like she owns the place (it would appear she's not even using the sidewalk) and we all know that confidence is sexy and can go a long way towards your lewk. But no confidence in the world can negate the use of those gloves. Ohh, those gloves. We think that Anne Hathaway legitimately borrowed them from the set of Princess Diaries 2: The Royal EngagementJulie Andrews is probably wondering where they went. 

That said, we can appreciate the Jackie O vibe going on here, and that addition of an innocent animal's pelts probably goes a long way towards bragging rights at Runway. It still doesn't forgive the gloves, though. Nothing will. 

The Coolest Girl in the Schoolhouse


This is a classic The Devil Wears Prada post-Andi's makeover ensemble. If you couldn't tell that she is a Super Serious Hard Worker now from her clipboard, you will be able to tell by her collared shirt and business pony. It's hard to see here, but she is also wearing a pair of high heels that would fit right in with the clackers (it begins!). We distinctly remember thinking it was pretty spiffy that she wore her necklace so wide and hidden under the collar like that, and while with the passage of a decade we are not nearly as impressed with her jewelry placement we do agree that this outfit stands up pretty well. 

In fact, we would also legitimately wear Miranda's outfit right this second, but that pretty much goes for anything that Meryl Streep says, does or puts on her body. We're here to discuss Andi, and we give this situation a passing grade.

All White Everything

Call Leonardo DiCaprio, someone has stolen his newsboy cap!

Just kidding, just kidding, this one is clearly a far larger plaid pattern than what Leo prefers. It still gives the Cap a run for his money in disguise purposes, though—we can't even tell that is Anne Hathaway. It is so low over her eyes that we have no idea how she is supposed to read that T-Mobile Sidekick, let alone navigate the cobblestone streets of Lower Manhattan. But that's part of her mystery. She is a very important magazine assistant who has gone through a very important makeover and she can't be bothered with things like proper eyesight. She's off to get the unpublished Harry Potter manuscript!

We were all set to go and praise this look, because despite our personal feelings towards the necessities of newsboy caps we know they are a Movement that we just don't understand, and that jacket is totally chic. But yet again, we can't forgive the gloves. These don't even cover Andy's whole hand, which means they certainly aren't meant for working women but rather denizens of a sector of New York society that's never set foot that close to a Metro station. 

Eating Our Words


We title this outfit eating our words because that's literally what we're doing after seeing this. This is truly the ultimate Andy outfit. It simultaneously symbolizes how totally bangin' she looked during the height of her work addiction and how much of a slave to Runway she was. We believe she wore this ensemble during the scene when she breaks up with her boyfriend but seriously, who cares? Have you seen her?

If you told us this was a picture of Anne Hathaway in present-day June 2016 we'd say great! Good of Anne to spruce things up a bit. We're not sure whether the tunic-as-pants situation is entirely work appropriate, but that is beside the point.

All Leather Everything


This one's hard, guys. The bangs say "I'm fierce and trendy but also super sophisticated," but the gold tunic and necklaces (and maybe also that stitching on the blazer; we can't decide about it) kind of say "I'm ready to party in both Russia and Las Vegas." That's not exactly the look we go for these days.

That said, the tunic and necklaces probably said those same things back in 2006, so if we looked the other way then, we can look the other way now. Plus, those leather pants/leggings/boots that go all the way to your waist are pretty fly.

Chico's Comes to Runway

Leo, are you still on the line? We've got another newsboy cap for ya. We wonder if Andy picked up the hat at the same Myrtle Beach hotel gift shop that she got that charm necklace. Boom, roasted. The joke is actually on us, because the jewelry actually seems to be made by Chanel and thus presumably costs more than our paycheck, ridiculous J.Jill-esque decals aside. And there's really nothing more to say about that.

The Belt With a Little Side of Dress

Look at Andy, off to the King Cole Bar to get herself that manuscript. With all that time-sensitive stress it's no wonder she needs such a large belt to hold it all together. Beyond that, this is probably something that a Real Housewife would wear in 2016 so that has to count for something, regardless of our personal feelings. 

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