Taylor Swift Is Basically Living Out a Season of The Bachelorette With Tom Hiddleston

Singer and her new beau even took a helicopter ride

By Kendall Fisher Jun 28, 2016 7:54 PMTags
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Tom Hiddleston, will you accept Taylor Swift's rose?

Seriously, though...JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette is interesting and all, but we have to admit that this whole cheesy, made-for-TV romance playing out between T.Swift and Hiddleston has really got our attention right now.

In fact, the 26-year-old singer and her hunky beau's relationship might as well be turned into a shortened season of The Bachelorette. After all, they're hitting all the show's signature moments: one-on-one dates, the go-to helicopter ride, meeting the parents and even a fantasy suite!

Check it out:


The Awkward Introduction

As is the case for the start of any season of the Bachelor or Bachelorette, each contestant begins the journey with his or her awkward introduction. For Tom and Taylor, that moment came when they met each other on the dance floor at the 2016 Met Gala, breaking the ice by busting out some dance moves.


The First One-on-One Date

Tom obviously made a great impression on Taylor as she skipped past the group date and got right into a one-on-one with him. The pair enjoyed getting to know each other on a beach in Rhode Island. Of course, it was complete with all the cheesiness of any Bachelorette moment, including a kiss, lots of canoodling and even some posed moments on a rock in the distance as waves crashed around them...le sigh!

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The Concert

We've already seen it a couple times on JoJo's season: the go-to romantic concert where they end up dancing the night away and drift into a momentary bliss. For Tay and Tom, the moment came in Nashville where they attended Selena Gomez's Revival World Tour show. Tom may or may not have looked like a total dad at a pop concert he didn't really belong at, but they appeared to have a blast nonetheless. 

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Meet the Parents

One of the pinnacle points in The Bachelorette is when the contestants bring their love interest home to meet their parents. That came swiftly (LOL) for Taylor who—just a day after introducing Tom to her own family—jetted to the U.K. to meet the actor's mother. They enjoyed a stroll along the beach together, and a source even told E! News Tom's mom joked about grandchildren with Tay!


The Helicopter Ride

We can always, always expect at least one helicopter ride during a season of The Bachelor or Bachelorette, and T.Swift proved that she's living out her own real-life version of the show by taking one of her own. She and Tom hopped into a helicopter on Monday and took a tour of Rome from the sky. Does it get any more cheesy and romantic than that? Oh, it does...They also donned matching outfits.


The Fantasy Suite

Other than the engagement, the biggest moment of any The Bachelorette season is when she invites the remaining contestants into the Fantasy Suite so they can, er, "get to know each other" beyond the cameras. Tay and Tom didn't waste anytime with that. On their current trip in Rome, an eyewitness tells E! News the couple are staying in the penthouse suite at Hotel de Russie. We hope they're using the suite to really learn more about one another, you know, away from the paparazzi and constant tabloids *wink wink*.

So what will it be, Hiddleswift? Will this whirlwind of a made-for-TV romance result in an engagement? Will Tom and Taylor live happily ever after? Can we believe in forever love at last?!

Only time will tell...

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