Game of Thrones, Elsa, Frozen

HBO; Disney

The wildfire never bothered her anyway.

Everyone is still reeling from and/or celebrating the action-packed Game of Thrones season six finale, which means the tributes, memes and GIFs are continuing to roll in. Our current favorite ode to "The Winds of Winter" episode? This mashup of Cersei's big revenge plan going off and the inescapable Frozen song, "Let It Go." 

It's actually quite eerie how well the cheery, upbeat song from a Disney movie syncs up with hundreds of people getting blown up by bright green fire. When the High Sparrow goes up right as the chorus starts, it's absolute magic. 

So now it's confirmed. Queen Cersei is basically Queen Elsa from Frozen. If Elsa was also a crazy, vindictive, murdering mother who lost all her children and will probably turn into the mad queen. Hey, it might be the plot of Frozen 2. You never know.

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