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Over-plucked brows, unfortunately, still exist.

Whether it was a mistake of your own or you were victim of a rushed aesthetician, the regrowth process is the same...and it isn't fun (or pretty). With that said, it's time to correct (and then prevent) the damage with the help of celebrity eyebrow artist Anthony Andrews.

"When it comes to regrowing your brows, the safest place to start is seeking out a professional. It's important to find a brow artist who will take quality time assessing your brows rather than the traditional 5 to 10 minutes you spend in and out of a nail or threading salon. (A quick "clean-up" leaves room for lots of error.)"

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"The key here is to let your brows breathe (grow) two months before seeking another professional. Each individual hair has a life span of four to five months, yes, they're growing back, but they're also falling out. It's the same as any other bodily hair cycle. For some, eyebrow hair will grow back in two weeks and, unfortunately, for others it takes months and then some."

The Natural Route: You can use "castor oil. A lot of women seem to be pleased with this remedy, but in all honesty, if your brow follicles aren't damaged, they'll grow back no matter what—naturally."

The Not-So-Natural Route: "There are lots of brow conditioners/brow serums on the market. However, there isn't anything clinically proven to regrow brow hair faster than your body naturally would."

ESC: Beauty Rehab

Prevention Is Key: "The truth is, if you want a brow "do-over," tweeze only an index finger width in the "uni area" (between your brows) and the stray hairs closest to the lash line. You can also always opt for bangs, let your brows grow in for a few months and then seek out a professional."

How to Fake It ‘Til You Can Make It Grow: "I love/use powders for the illusion of thick brows. You can easily manipulate how bold you want them to be, just be careful not to apply too much brow powder. Pro tip: Your brows should never walk into a room before you do."

Keep This in Mind: "Here's where it gets tricky: If you're really trying to 'regrow' your brows, try not to be so 'heavy handed' pilling on a ton of products. I noticed that my clients who fill theirs in religiously often have a sparser brow and that's from tugging while applying product daily."

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