Big Brother season 18


Well that's what you get when you expect the unexpected. 

Big Brother introduced yet another twist before tonight's eviction, and it sure did throw a wrench into the way things usually work in the house. 

Instead of just two nominees sitting on the block every week, there will now be three. and the third nominee will be decided anonymously, by whoever wins a special competition called BB Roadkill. 

Tonight's edition of BB Roadkill was sort of incredible. It involved stripping while "driving" an RV, meaning that each houseguest had to strip down to their swimsuit while also holding down three buttons. If they let go of a button, their timer multiplied, and whoever managed to strip the fastest (with the slowest timer) won the right to nominate a third houseguest for the block. 

Big Brother GIF


After a hilarious montage of all the houseguests attempting this extreme version of Twister, we learned that Frank had won! He played it off around the newbies (namely Jozea) as if he didn't, and Jozea seemed to totally believe him, all while insisting he's great at reading people. At this point, we're not entirely sure Jozea actually knows how to play this game. 

After momentarily debating putting up Bridgette, Frank and the other "old people" decided to nominate Paul, who just so happens to be our other least favorite. Hopefully, Paulie can be saved next week, and one of these two very talkative rascals will get sent home. 

Also: after they lost one of last week's challenges, Frank's team, Category 4, which includes the ab-tastic Paulie, had to be punished by being "pixelated," which means that for the next week, they're basically naked save for some plastic pixels covering all the important areas. Basically what we're saying is that tonight's episode of Big Brother was fairly delightful, and this season's probably going to be a pretty fun one. 

Big Brother airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m., and Thursdays at 9 p.m. on CBS. 

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