Justin Bieber Just Confessed to Watching The Bachelorette and His Favorite Contestant May Surprise You

“Baby” singer takes a break from performing to watch one of America’s guiltiest pleasures

By Mike Vulpo Jun 26, 2016 12:20 AMTags

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So this is what Justin Bieber does in between sold-out concerts…

As if Bachelor Nation needed another loyal member, it appears that the "Baby" singer can call himself a proud participant of the club thanks to his latest Instagram.

Before performing in Indianapolis Saturday night, the Biebs was able to enjoy some down time by watching some TV. With all the shows to choose from, we learned that Justin couldn't help but watch a little bit of The Bachelorette.

In his post, Justin was catching up on re-runs and found himself witnessing the showdown between Chad Johnson and Alex Woytkiw. As the guys competed for JoJo Fletcher's attention on a date, Justin gave his honest opinion on what he was watching.

"Good point Chad, milk is delicious," he captioned on Instagram. "And yeah I watch The Bachelorette, don't judge me."

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Forget about judging. We've got to talk about where the Biebs' allegiance is with! Many fans know that Chad has been called one of the best villains in The Bachelorette franchise.

From threatening cast members on TV to kissing a co-star's ex-girlfriend on the lips, he's had no trouble making headlines—and good TV. And while ABC has already given him a spot on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise, we're just a little surprised Justin wasn't more supportive of other contestants. Perhaps James Taylor would have been a good choice after he demonstrated his musical abilities early on in the competition.

As we need to remind ourselves, it's just a fun reality show and ultimately Chad's been given the cold hard boot. Ooops, we didn't mean to spoil you Biebs.

Now if we only knew what his bracket looked like for the upcoming episodes. The Bachelorette airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. only on ABC.

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