Lindsay Lohan Is Recording a New Album So Let's Relive Her Best '00s Hits

She also recently had a mini Mean Girls reunion

By Dominique Haikel Jun 23, 2016 10:32 PMTags
Lindsay LohanFreddie Baez/

Glory be! Our prayers have finally been heard and answered. Lindsay Lohan is recording a new album and it's 2004 all over again. Not since the comeback of the Motorola Razr have we been this excited for nostalgia. We've been dying for more jams since the days of Speak and A Little More Personal (Raw), and according to Lindsay herself, that wish is about to come true. In the video below, LiLo delivers a phrase that is sure to have serious Lohan fans losing their freaking minds. "I have to record another album for Universal/Motown, and I will," she said in a recent video Q&A with singer Alex Simpson. *Faints*

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All these years later we can't even imagine what subjects this album will cover. Exes? Mugshots? Her new boo? Anything and everything about her life would be grounds for an epic comeback album. 

Oh! As if this news wasn't amazing on its own, if you look closely at the video, you'll notice a subtle Mean Girls reunion happening on screen as well. That's right! Rapper extraordinaire Kevin G., real name Rajiv Surendra, also witnessed Lindsay confirming new music. Ugh, can this day get any better? Yes. Yes, it can. Watch the roundup of LiLo's '00s hits to get yourself stoked for her new music. No word on when the album drops but just be grateful you've got these bad boys to hold you over. 

1. "Rumors." Back in the glory days of pop culture, when Von Dutch hats and Sidekick phones were still a thing, Lindsay bestowed the gift of Rumors upon us. This gem, perhaps her most famous single, came off of the album Speak, which we need to dig out from storage right away. 

2. "Confessions Of A Broken Heart (Daughter To Father)." So many emotions. In the saddest (and also chicest because we still want that dress) LiLo video ever created, we watch her struggle to cope with a crumbling family. Little sis Ali Lohan makes an appearance too. This beauty came from her album A Little More Personal, which hardcore lived up to its name. 

3. "Over." Also from the Speak album, this is one of our secret faves. Only true Lohan fans know this deep cut, let's be real. Is anyone else getting serious Ashlee Simpson vibes? We guess everything sounded like that back then. We miss it. 

4. "Jingle Bell Rock." We couldn't resist. Technically this is not one of her chart toppers, BUT IT SHOULD BE, OKAY? Lindsay's iconic Mean Girls performance will go down in history as one of pop culture's greatest hits. Don't even act like you don't revisit this video every October 3rd. 

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